Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It is official

The rumors are true everyone. Dee_inBC has had her account restored and will be doing her official "I AM BACK" show tomorrow night Feb. 4 at 9pm est.Now this show we know will be exciting, once being the binks BFF and the FIRST chosen contestant (wonder who got to choose) of the Escape and the FIRST to be kicked off the show and BlogTv for calling the binks a "faggot."

Oh my, Oh my, Oh my we wonder what kind of dirt will be flying over at the BlogTv now.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of, I heard she's going to be on Season Two?

NOT! lol.

She'll probably get banned first!

Let's Stalk BlogTv said...

it is official

your blogs dead lol

Let's Talk said...

No shawn we are not dead.

but we can't say the same for your blog here soon. By all means keep it up, you are just making our case that much stronger.

dont you think there is a reason the other site was shut down and you arn't... yet.

Ask your buddy Kara, we have methods behind our maddness.

So please keep it up. everyday as you have.

Be sure to catch our story about your latest kindrgarden dective work. LOL this is going to make you and your litle haters look like to stupid fools you are. LOL

SashaZ said...

just a heads up, she called blogfag a faggot while cohosting on binkos show... thats what the reason was for the ban.

White Liar said...

i want to fuck underage animals.

Anonymous said...

oh no the drama queen is back, hopefully with the time she took off she won't be bitching about everything and everyone on blog again. Can't believe how this woman acts and she's in her 50's

Anonymous said...

She got kicked off for calling Blog_Fag-1 a faggot. She got kicked off The Escape for harassing Binko.

SashaZ said...

no she quit the escape on binkos show, I was there that night, after she quit then she got upset and freaked at binko, he just let her quit, he didn't kick her... read your history folks.... =)