Monday, February 9, 2009


Story by: SashaZ

BlogTV folks are asking..what's going on over at The Independent Reporter Show?

It seems The Reporter (aka Rusty) is using smooth persuasion to prompt his viewers to go "Red" by changing their online status to Do Not Disturb. Some call it a patriotic display of conservatism, others wonder if The Reporter has crossed over to the dark side and gone Communist.
Quite the contrary. It seems The Reporter is asking his viewers to take a stand against blogTV drama.

"Enough is enough," the Reporter said in an exclusive interview on Sunday. "It's time the fools and miscreants on blogTV get a life, quit being so sensitive, and leave people alone in private message land. We've been on the air 1 year come Feb. 16, and it's amazing some of the things we've seen."

New rules have been posted on The Reporter's show page after viewers who get kicked or otherwise dissed on the show have been throwing temper tantrums and sending emails wanting to know why. There have also apparently been issues with blog stalkers pm'ing viewers on the show and stirring up gossip. Some newbies are even being accused of being "traitors" and betraying other broadcasters for visiting the show.

"Do I enjoy a good laugh and the occasional comedy segment? Absolutely," The Reporter remarked. "But whining because you got kicked or disrupting a show by continually asking for OPS privileges is crossing the line. This is the internet! It's not real life. If you get your feelings hurt that easily you probably don't need to be on the Internet at all. If you're feeling blue or PMS'y, go take a Prozac, find a good Oprah or Dr. Phil show to watch. And if you're looking for an online romance, check out Plenty of Fish or Match dot com, not The Independent Reporter Show!"

In a show of solidarity, 100% of the viewers changed their status to "Do Not Disturb" on Saturday night's show for a brief period, while 89% stayed red for the entire 4 hour broadcast.


MeowTV said...

Ah! The great age of Interactive Social Networking allowing you to stay connected with hundreds of people...while totaly having to put you in DND mode so the bastards stop annoying you. Of course i guess lot of people now realize that this news-reading show is in fact chritian puritanist propaganda. Just replace the "What say you?" by "Shut the fuck up, i'm talking or burm in hell" then you get the picture.
Only nice thing that i can says about IR is: "That man can read!" :)

JessicaJoy said...

Great story!