Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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We are going off topic on this one, something we thought every American should know.

In AMERICA we are told we are free people, to come and go as we wish, however. The American border patrol is now roaming the streets of your neighborhood, pulling over everyone that passes by, checking your papers just like Hitler did in Germany and one of the reasons that started WWII.

Not only is this a violation of American Federal laws and the 4th amendment but an out right act of Hitler's Germany.

This is what you go through when being stopped. Where is our rights in America?


Anonymous said...

Being a resident of Forks WA on the Olympic Peninsula I would like to thank you for going off topic and bringing this to light! I feel this will soon be happening in more cities across the US. The video from checkpointusa now gives me confidence that I do not have to answer their questions, though I am a citizen. It is a bit like Nazism to be sure, soon we will be forced into showing our "papers" all on the basis of homeland security. Interesting development in USA history opening up before our very eyes!

MeowTV said...

I dont know what kind of moron was harassing the cute cop girl in the second video, but tha's the kind of guy is shoot first than ask the question later.

God i hate thoses waste of self-richeaous pricks.

MeowTV said...

If i ever cross the path of that morons who was harassing the cute cops in the second video : that guy is dead.

And be sure that what i kill usually stay dead a long time.

God i hate thoses waste of skin.

MeowTV said...

lol @ double post :)

MeowTV said...

The United state of the TOS (terms of services) deserve a 4th Reich.

That's what you get telling the world what to think, what to say and how to behave.

"No profanities", "be nice" , "copyrights", "witch hunt against anything who doesnt think positivly", "begotery", "hypocrisy", "life coaching"....

Ya, you deserve it.

After all, this is the country who:
-created the KKK
-used the nazi scientist to develop their space and nuclear program.
-created Scientology.
-send young kids to die in a war against a country who never attacked the USA, lol, that's a good one.
-let alledged "offended people" have the right to mess up with all the basic rights of the real freedom.
-and of course, totaly the crashed the planetary market back to the stone age where "educated" people have to forage for food and live in dumpsters.

The list of sins is too long, you are definitly going to hell, hehe.

(On another side, dont worry too much about it. There is no Hell at all, just storie to force the childrens to eat their vegetables...)

So, gratz guise: you managed to do it, welcome to the 4th reich and all Hail Obama.

I seriously think of going to manathan, and take my Statue of Liberty back to France: this country doesnt deserve it anymore.

Reverand Doctor Jack "Meowtv" de Nostrechat, PHD, Luciferian, IQ 230, NOT running for president, comedian and goth4ever.