Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Front Page" News

Now we know that being a mod_stooge over at the BlogTv is just that being a "stooge". We have heard all the excuses before, our loving and caring mods are busy, our mods deal with thousands of people every minute, blah blah blah. Meet 13 year old broadcaster bf212 not only was he on 24 plus minutes he was FEATURED on the BlogTv FRONT PAGE!!! WTF is this all about?As you all know we post BlogTv TOS almost on a daily basis, WHY? because we know there is a huge problem with moderation at the BlogTV and now BlogTv is going to be launching there TEEN pages soon.

If BlogTv cannot moderate the adult rooms, HOW THE HELL are they going to moderate hundreds possibly thousands of kids rooms? If BlogTV does not hire at least 4 to 6 mods for the kids rooms on a 24/7 hour basis, they are going to have a problem. We promise you this. Only because of the past problems with the kids being abused on BlogTv, is why much of the BlogTv community is not comfortable with the new teen broadcasting site.Kara Hannah and her moderation staff are jokes plain and simple.
As Kara Hannah says, "It's fun to make fun of assholes until they aren't assholes any more. It is, really it is." If this was an American company her and her staff would have been canned long ago.


Jane1963 said...

OH GREAT!! MY show is advertised on that front page at the same time. That really looks nice!! I really wish they could figure this out... i mean come on... on the front page???!!!

Anonymous said...

You know the biggest irony of the BlogTv story?

There was a time not that long ago, before the site attracted underage kids and drama queens like the author of this blog, when the Bloggers were largely responsible adults. The place had a real community feel, the discussion varied from the homely to the intellectually stimulating.

Back then a Blog like this could not have existed because the schoolyard drama wasn't there.

Then BlogTv sold out in search of bigger bucks, and all of that went down the pan. The unique community aspect (which could have been a fantastic selling point if marketed correctly) dissapeared completely, and in flooded young kids, predators and people like Mr (or Mrs) LetstalkblogTV.

But for all your LetstalkblogTv pontification about longing for a well moderated site, you weren't around when the place was a safe haven where you? Why not? Because it had no interest for you whatsoever. Think about that.

Let's Talk said...

We think it is so funny how everyone including the Anonymous knows so much about Let's Talk

Kyle said...

everyone knows who you guys are now

check out lets stalks blog

that will clear everything up for you