Friday, February 27, 2009

The Crafty Flasher

Tonight PhotographyLady was making for interesting photography. While using her ample womanhood get get viewers in her show tonight, a mod_Stooge showed up after about 30 minutes and asked the PhotographyLady if she was flashing her girls. mod_Stooge asked PhotographyLady if it was 4chan harassing her. She said yes it was 4chan and mod_Stooge left her to her rather randy show.
The thumbnail on the front page was enough to bust this chick. Good job PhotographyLady, these stupid mods will believe anything you tell them.


MeowTV said...

Morality: "Before undergoing breast augmentation surgery: better check if the surgeon is not blind."

when i saw this show,1 word came to mind: "Ewwwwww!"

UpJumpUp said...

You guys are truly pathetic.

You know damn well that the censor bar across her chest is covering nothing, and you know damn well that the picture in the playing now section was photo shopped in by you guys.

You all need to get fucking lives.

Let's Talk said...

Nothing was photo shopped if so please show the proof of such, for we don't want to be slandering anyone RIGHT!!!

The black bar was covering exposed boobs really if you look you can see youself her chest was hanging out for everyone to see.

People have been banned for showing much less ask phattt cherry.

Let's Talk said...

But you want to know what's truly pathetic, is the fact BlogTv uses our site to monitor there own site.