Thursday, February 5, 2009

Clearing the air... yet again

Looks like the kindergarten cops are at it again. Just last week Kara Hannah and her minions where calling out Jane1963 as being the only writer that runs Let's Talk. Now a Let's Talk hater site is accusing RxWarrior of being Let's Talk. Wrong again guys.

This seems to be a trend for Let's Talk every time a shit bag of drama is opened up everyone starts pointing the fingers and it makes the LOLZ roll. To see these fools running around like chickens with their heads cut off. *giggles*

Where do we begin the unraveling of the most pathetic detective work ever done.

Our Ads "LOVE YOUR SHOW Please visit our site at"
This is a tag we have used since day one. You can ask and or visit BlogTv user pages and see it posted on many pages. Just ask Binko & Jflick they removed many of those exact tags months ago, you can see our tags on lorax, jeepermedia, charlestrippy, Smiles, AmandaRama, there are many, nothing special about the one on RxWarriors page, just hit the view all button they are there. We have not been post recently only because we heard there is a hunt for our IP so they can block us from visiting cause they don't like us telling their secrets.

Speaking of RxWarrior and his car give away show. RxWarrior sent us an email asking if he could purchase a spot on our blog to advertise his show but did not want to have to use AddRoll for the advertising would only be for a few weeks. Being the suave business people we are we made a deal. You advertise for us and we will advertise for you. Very simple really. We agreed to post a commercial on our front page and a story once a week until his show airs. In turn they are advertising our site during that show and putting our web address on the prizes they are giving away. This is something grown up people do and we do not expect children to understand such complex business deals and helping others out instead of trying to rip people apart cause they have better ideas and can afford to give actual prizes away. Lets see what BlogTv Broadcasters have given out of there own pocket, the only people we can think of is, RxWarrior and Binko.

The ever so telling photo we posted about a mod_stooge being in lorax's room while a 14 year old was broadcasting. This was to be the damming evidence. That photo was sent in by a BlogTv user by the name of Tabitha-, this young lady has been sending us photos since the huge pedophile out break when BlogTv opened up the site to the kids. She has sent us news and gossip tips like many of our readers do. If you check the FRIENDS numbers they match Tabitha more than they do RxWarriors. Great work guys asshats. After looking back at her photos she does send the whole screen cap sometimes we do include her chat and blank out her name only to prove how old the broadcaster is and to show we are not making it up. If we did not include the photo and proof of age we would be accused of making shit up. If that drama site sees a child "face" and their age and sees it as porn... they have a serious problem. However we know this is a double edge sword, but that's the tabloid game. Love us or hate us you all keep coming back. Tabitha asked us to mention that she has perma ops in Jflick2020's room and no ops in RxWarriors room. We want to Thank Tabitha for sending these photos in for this story.

Let's Talk has only 2 accounts at and they consist of nothing more that 2 words that spell, letstalk. any other form of a BlogTv account is not us and will never be us. Look back in the binko dramas you will see Let's Talk BlogTv has rules and they are followed. No chatting with anyone on blogtv, Never visit blogtv while off duty, NEVER befriend anyone from BlogTv as to keep our reporting unbiased.

You may want to ask Independent_Reporter, the account "LetsTalk" made a visit to one of his shows, that reporter has not been with us since. Here at Let's Talk we have rules, if you break them, you no longer have a job.

And the damming maploco we first found this map on the BlogTv users page After we found out what this map was about we put it on for only one reason, that is to track the stalker(s) as to pin point there where abouts. Matching the times of the comments they leave and the times on the map, told us what city and state or providence they are in at the time the comments are made. As far as RxWarrior and BlondieHart ask them, we could not tell you why they have then on their pages.

So it looks like RxWarrior has joined the:
BlogTv's Dopey Detective Suspects list.
This list now reads as:

Binko - cause he wanted to pump up his escape ratings
Jane1963 - cause she makes typos and has spelling errors & the pedo problem
Independent Reporter - cause he is a reporter & the pedo problem
Lorax - cause we report on him so much - we only report on him cause he has talent.
BlogTv Mods - that were fired and getting revenge
Dee_inBC -to get back at binko and blogfag
RxWarrior - not sure really, we really don't know.

So if you wish, do listen to a 30 year old man that drinks alcohol like a desert traveling vagrant and listening to Michael Jackson, calling us pedophiles, and only hates on us for helping to make BlogTv raise their ages again, to prevent the child abuse that was going on. This drunken pedophile only hates us cause we rained on his parade.

Like we promised. Come March this man will be put in his place, the District Attorney is filing multiple federal charges in court. WE WILL be posting the papers as soon as we get them in our hot little hands. Speaking of which if you see any off color remarks or harassment from shawn1979r like the one in the photo, please send them to us, there are a few people interested in all the harassment and personality that spews from this guy. Thanks!

FOOTNOTE: We noticed that his site is differnt than ours he no longer copies our colors, you know why, cause the drunkin web master pedophile don't know HTML LOL

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