Friday, February 13, 2009

BlogTv get your act togther

This morning like most mornings, We found this kid from Russia not only broadcasting but his background is marijuana plants. Isn't marijuana plants an illegal drug and the promotion of marijuana by a minor is just tasteless. Get with it BlogTv. We ask again, if you can't control the kids on the adult site, how in any god's name are you going to control the kids rooms.2 violations in 1

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CharmingBritishGuy said...

This one I think you have focused on an issue and taken it out of proportion. Ok, the kid is under-age,and that is a problem that has to be dealt with. As for the cannabis imagery... if I was to get a dollar for every time someone put the cannabis leaf up on their myspace then I would have enough money to buy BlogTV outright and employ a decent capable group of staff. The cannabis leaf itself isn't promotion of a drug. The imagery has been used on countless numbers of formats, and restricting the persons freedom of use to this would technically fall under a fascist mentality. Just because you personally don't agree with imagery itself, doesn't mean that it falls under a newsworthy topic. A lot of bloggers talk about drugs, which is fine, but when they actively partake in substance misuse then that is a different concern altogether.