Thursday, January 8, 2009

Win a New Car

Looks like RxWarrior is making another trip to Maui Hawaii. We reported to you just a couple months ago that RxWarrior went to Maui for a car give away but due to technical difficulties he could not do the show. We don't think it was technical problems at all, the way RxWarrior and Blondiehart were acting last time, we think the only problems were that they could not keep their clothes on long enough to do a proper show.

Tuesday February 17'th at 8pm pacific time.


Hybrid Man said...

im so excited for this! his car giveaway shows are the best ones!

UpJumpUp said...

Just so we're all clear ... the two reason why the car has not been given away are very, VERY simple.

Reason 1 - This is an obvious attempt at a ratings grab by constantly claiming a car will be given away. The more you say it, the more people will come.

Reason 2 - Before RX decided to get all creepy on me, and tell me about all the naked pictures he has of people from blogtv, namely much younger gentlemen than himself, he also admitted something very revealing about the "new car".

Don't get me wrong, the new car exists, but unless you're about half an inch tall you're not going to fit into it. That's right people, the "new car" is actually a toy model of one, and not in fact a real automobile.

And by the way ... has anyone else ever wondered why RX never takes his sunglasses off? They say the eyes are the windows into the soul ... I guess he's afraid of what we'll find.

You may all begin your flaming of me now ... bring it beeatches.

Reviews said...
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UpJumpUp said...

Oh Rick ... you crack me up.

The only reason I know you have these photos is because you told me about them without me having to ask. I full out agree it is none of my business, but you made it that way.

As for a fatal attraction ... I think everyone on this site knows my types and tastes, and they do not include over the hill drag queens. I mean, do they even MAKE support hose big enough for your girth?

And as for free tickets to Phoenix ... I wasn't willing to pay the price of stripping naked for you on camera to receive the thrill of a life time of coming to Phoenix to be anywhere close to you.

You, old man, are fully aware that my only beef with you is your inappropriate and delusional infatuation with one of my good friends, and your many previous attempts to try and undermine him though me.

So please ... spare us all the drama and grow up, because you're doing nothing more than embarrassing yourself acting like a 16 year old emo.

RXWarrior said...
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BlondieHart said...

Wow, it just cracks me up how bad this boy "UJU" needs attention. Your friend doesn't seem to mind Rx.....maybe thats your problem. Get help, you need it.

UpJumpUp said...

Looks like some creative editing is going on here if you ask me.

Posts are not being approved, and others are being deleted.

Let's Talk said...

users can remove posts if they wish.

UpJumpUp said...

Anyone is free to remove their own posts, yes.

But, there was a post I made in here that never made it up.

Let's Talk said...

Unless you have been banned we post all comments.