Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Let's Talk
Caught on Tape

This installment of our NEWS SEGMENTS Let's Talk Caught on Tape is about our #1 hater shawn1979r and the reason he hates us so much.

As you all know we played a big part in getting the BlogTv to raise the age limit back up, our concern was the kids that were being abused. After the age limit was raised back up this guy shawn1979r started a huge hate campaign against us. We had only done a couple of stories about him and both were good reviews of his "marathon" shows as he would be on for days at a time.

It seems the more we harp on the underage broadcasters and the children that were being abused, shawn1979r still to this day bombards our comments on all our stories we get up to 100 a day from him, we will be posting a link soon to all the spam and hate from this guy. shawn1979r made it very clear for everyone to just SHUT UP about the pedo problem, not only on our site but also the BlogTv forums that are no longer, we believe Kara Hannah took them down in order to hide from their investors that they have a problem with the pedos.

shawn1979r also went as far as making a mock lets talk website that slams our stories and makes fun of our grammar, typos and spelling errors. When an outside agency looked at the mock website they asked, "This guy has alot of hate for you, what did you ever do to him?" We gave them the history of shawn1979r and why he is doing this they said, "You cut off his kiddy porn and he is pissed." We replied, "That's what we thought also." they also told us, "This site he made is very deranged almost like a psychotic stalker, the hate this guy shows towards you and your site is very disturbing."

In this video you will see shawn1979r guzzling alcohol and listening to Michael Jackson. If you look in the background of the video when he leans over you will see many wine and alcohol bottles sitting on a table. We know now why shawn1979r hates us, cause we rained on his pedo parade and the reason behind the disturbing website, that answer lies at the bottom of a bottle.


Jane1963 said...

LOL ! Wow I haven't been over here in a while.... Is he still doing this? Incredible!! LOL What is the name of the Mock site?

Do you remember how Shawn was accusing me of being Letstalk? Kara Hanna and I were having words through email about the underage teenage contest and now SHE is accusing me of being Letstalk.

LOL you guys should pay me for being a decoy for your mystery LOL!!!

Oh yeah and maybe you guys should stop picking on her so much. She really is becoming paranoid and not thinking straight. My bff and I came to the conclusion after reading her emails to me, that all of this bashing from over here, and the hate mail she has gotten has begun to warp her little mind. Maybe you guys should let up some.

Let's Talk said...

LOL Jane1963, sorry for Kara Hanah's ignorance.

We love watching these fools run around in circles.

LET UP?!? We are just getting started.

HAPPY 2009

Let's Talk said...


We would love to read the emails if you want to send them this way. :P

Jane1963 said...

I don't know where your contact information is. I know I used to write to you on a yahoo account but It isn't in my contact information. I will check back here, or you can send me contact info to my blogtv in box. You might still have my yahoo account contact though and you can contact me there if you like.

I forwarded the emails to the letstalk, blogtv page account though. I would still like an alternative contact email.

Yeah go ahead and read this stuff, it is crazy!

I should get a coffee cup for this. :)

Let's Talk said...