Saturday, January 3, 2009

BAD BlogTv Community BAD

We do not know what the BlogTv community is doing but it's not there job. What do you people think BlogTv is all about. We suppose you think it's about having fun and visiting friends. Well your wrong. We clicked through 5 pages of LIVE shows and we found yet another 6 pack of underage broadcasters. Now how the hell are the mod_Stooges supposed to know that there are violations going on if you do not flag these shows. The BlogTv community needs to do there job and stop having fun and stop visiting their friends and FLAG THESE SHOWS!!!

Don't you know the mod_Stooges have lives and need not to be bothered by monitoring these rooms. DO YOUR JOB COMMUNITY!!!


Kyle said...

Unfortunately in most cases BlogTV cannot do anything about these underage broadcasters. When they do come into a room all they can do is ask the age. Just because they look 13 doesnt mean they are. The broadcaster will then lie about their age. Some of the smarter mods will ask DOB and the smarter non challenged broadcasters may be able to come with a valid one. However, since they have no proof these broadcasters are under 16 thats really all they can do. It really does surprise me though how many of them fail to give a valid DOB.


Baketron said...

Most of the time, however, it's quite obvious that the kids are way under 16. No one is talking about those that _could_ be 16.

John Kluender said...

It is not the responsibility of any person on the site, other than the mods to make sure that people comply with the ToS. If I'm in a room, I'm not going to patrol the rooms to try and find underage kids and flag them. I'm going to stay in a room where I know friends and talk to them.