Sunday, December 14, 2008

What's the problem?

We know that Kara Hannah "follows" our blog and from what Our Readers tell us, is that, this being booted problem due to your nickname being taken is really starting to get on the nerves of the BlogTv "community". But like most of the "communities" pleas for help and change, they are not heard very well by the BlogTv higher ups.What really does not make any sense is that once you are already in the room, it boots you out, then telling you, your name is taken, sounds fishy to us. Having to F5 or log back in every time you enter a room can cause alot of F5'ing and that only means more page loads for only one reason and that's to drive up the page loads for more Google $$$ thy get paid from the ADS. Must be a tough drive for this 2 million they want.


Anonymous said...

This sucks bad and they need to fix it, i have been on all the sites and blogtv is the only site tat does this auto booting bullshit and i am sure its for $$$

HoboManda said...

It mostly happens when you jump to from one show to another. Try just refreshing when you get back into the room, that always fixes it for me.