Monday, December 8, 2008

To Ligit To Quit - The Escape

After all the controversy surrounding Steven Binko's The Escape. We thought it might be interesting to dig a little deeper into this mess. We contacted a friend over at the Screen Actors Guild or SAG for the insiders, and asked a few questions, and this is what we found out. In order to produce a film and film outside a private residence and be legal, the producers must obtain the following.

Filming Permits for the city and county they are filming in.
Certificate of Insurance for Public Liability Insurance in an amount not less than $1,000,000 combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage is required.
Permits from the local Fire Department.
Permits from the local Police Department.
Permits for people living in a nonresidential building.

Just the filming permits alone could cost, tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the city and state you are filming in and what is required by law.
Now as shady as the Bink's has been so far, with the rigging of the polls and "needing certain parts to come out certain way's," We really doubt the Binks has done any of this, and would not be surprised if production was shut down.
Maybe the Bink's should not have bought all the personal stuff he did like cologne, shirts, storage sticks for his cell phone and his camera and used those funds in a better way.source;Miami-Dade County Film & Entertainment Advisory Boardsource;Miami-Dade County Film & Entertainment Advisory Board


Let's Talk said...

Wondering how many anon's that are from the "crew" are going to say we are wrong.

Anonymous said...

That Is for UNION Productions.
Not Independent.
If this WERE true, There would be NO Independent Productions.

Let's Talk said...

Anon, you have no clue what you are talking about. Call and ask we did.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

you just made it look like you dont know what you are talking about? lol

Anonymous said...

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Isnt the escape in tampa

Anonymous said...

1. Binko is filming on private property via a lease agreement and location release. He cannot be penalized with owner consent. It is also being filmed in a closed facility, so Binko is not responsible for anything ending up on video from the surrounding location.

2. The Escape is not a profit production. He's doing this to get himself out there. Therefore, this fits into personal use.

3. I think it's funny that while Binko's just trying to do something he dreams about, there are people here looking for reasons to try to shut it down. Says something about YOUR personality when you tear others down for their hopes and aspirations. The only person who looks bad right now is you!

Shannon said...

LOL. You made yourself look dumb. Binko is using this for personal use, so I guess he fits into those guidelines. Stupid asses.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and, you apparently have no idea where The Escape is even taking place. No-one has been disclosed the full location (with the exception of Sylvia, and she won't even tell me). So, this is all you guys "theorizing" vs. Binko actually putting shit into action. Way to look stupid Lets Talk!

Steven said...

GAAAAAWD, the campers need to learn how to read.

Anonymous said...

whatever Steve (camp asshole)

Anonymous said...

an office building is a public building if they are like my state.

but what about the fire and police depts. and the insurance.

if a person on that set so much as cuts their finger, on anything, MAJOR law suit.

thats why there are laws for these things.

and this is not "personal" it is to "get him out there" and he has said himself "selling it to network tv"

don't be a stupid camper.


Anonymous said...

Binko is a idiot and so are the people he calls his "Staff" half of them are posers and liars and won't show up either. The Escape is a failure, Binko may as well pack it up now. As far as needing permits goes, he does need permits, Union or not, but why would he care or know this he's a moron.

Steven said...

broadcasting live and shooting footage to show on BLOGTV in hopes to be picked up by a network is not personal use.


Anonymous said...

Steven isn't "selling it to the networks". If anyone actually listened to his broadcasts you would know he said he has plans to someday bring the CONCEPT to the networks.

Stupid fuckers.


As far as "broadcasting it on blog" to gain anything; I guess that means that AmandaRama should go to jail for all the public broadcasts, because she's hoping to become an actress someday.

You're all so dumb. You argue and don't even have a legitimate reason. It's not your project. Let it be.

Sarah said...

1. Binko mentioned that he would have EMT at the scene of shooting at all times.

2. Leave him be and let him do what he loves. This website has come to harassment at this point. You're lucky he's not going to sue you for all this you're posting.
If you had legit info you'd have the right to, but other than the stuff with travis you really have no right to be saying anything.

Anonymous said...

anon said

As far as "broadcasting it on blog" to gain anything; I guess that means that AmandaRama should go to jail for all the public broadcasts because she's hoping to become an actress someday.

are you really that stupid?

twoseventeen was right you stupid fuckers will say anything to back up binko, even make yourselves looks like stupid assholes. my guess that most of the anons are binko himself.

Anonymous said...

the white L just aint hip is all google is your friend dipshit

smoochies codex

Anonymous said...

Private video taping does not requieres thoses permits at all. The Escape is not something he is going to sell or make a profit about it.

Think! if thoses rules applied to evryone you will need a permit to shoot your cat in the Xmass tree in your own home, just in case a network stomp upon it.

Keep in mind that this "actors and write guild" are the one responsable for halting all the tv series last year, and even force some to be canceled. Just because theses morons want more money.

Steven said...

These anon comments are getting dumber and dumber.

The Escape is a production

how many people take out a 40.000 loan to video the cat at the christmas tree and broadcast it LIVE.

stupid fucking dolts


Anonymous said...

i just called and Independent and non-union NEEDS PERMITS. to film ANYWHERE in Dade county.

Steven said...

I just called also explained the escape and what it was and told them it was being broadcasted LIVE and in video episodes on BlogTv and YES Independent and nonunion NEED PERMTS AND INSURANCE to film anywhere in the state of Florida.
They also explained why The espace would NOT classify as a HOME VIDEO.

BINKO is BUSTED what an idiot.

Let's Talk said...

Damn you steven. that was our next story. :P

Anonymous said...

i love how lets talk puts people in their place. Where is all the minions now? did they call and find out binko is full of shit

Anonymous said...

You Guys. YOU DONT KNOW WHERE HES FILMING!! damnit. Stop trying to bust him for SOMETHING YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!!!!!!!! What are you going to do, call and give the police the address, YOU DONT KNOW IT!!!!!! Im sure whoever said Sylvia is the only other one who knows the location is right. Those two are tight as fuck. And i presonaily dont like Binko BUT I trust and respect Sylvia. You should as her what she thinks about this entire thing. Or ask Binko. Either way, Get some real facts. You Fuckers.

Anonymous said...

i recall binko saying during a show when he TOLD everyone it was being done. "right here in Miami" and showed the blue prints of the building hes filming in.


you campers are just annoying

Anonymous said...

1. If I was a contestant in this game I would need to know where I am. ( What is Steven going to do with these contestants blind fold them to and from location) oh right gag order I guess.

2. Any contestant dumb enough to keep the location secret to family = as stupid as hooking up with someone they just met in a dark alley on internet.

3. Let's talk your slow as in the first post this was mentioned that he to find out about permits, which he doesn't have any, and still to date trying to obtain.

4. Stating a EMI will be on location at all time's - Lets talk look into IF that can be done, also if there are cost involved. I think that you would have to state your a production to have such. Then that means that you have to have ALL permits. (why do I smell a camp binko EMI bannor mobile set up here LOL.

People are ready to fly out next week and Binko has NOT yet made it very clear to anyone that ALL is in ORDER.

I only hope that when those involved fly out they are not in for a rude awakening sorry shut down, and btw no accommodations your on your own. (oh I see now a camp binko in his backyard.. guess they have to try to shoot the ducks for diner.

As for anyone trying to sabotage his dream, it is only him who has done such. As for harrassing here NO he was called out, and folks are dang ticked off that he is playing us, we NOT fools!

Does he really think were that stupid.

Anonymous said...

Hes never lied before?

Grunger said...

Who are you fuckers to criticize peoples dreams?

and i don't give a fuck what you say about me!

Binko has had this dream for a while, and hes gonna accomplish it!

so fuck off and let him be!

Let's Talk said...

To Grunger

Who the hell is binko to make his dreams come true, all the while breaking the law. What makes him so speical, why does the man think he can break the law, what makes this man think he can do as he pleases with no regards to the welfare of these cast members.

Do you know if anyone gets hurt or god forbid dies on the set, Binko will have to cough up MILLIONS of dollars not only can the family sue him but so can the city and the state. IE reason for insurance.

We can care less what Binko does or how he does it, EVERYONE must follow the law, even the Binks we are just here to report on it.

May we ask, how many times have you ALL bitched at EXTRA, CURRENT AFFAIR or DATELINE or any other reporting media news outlet for reporting stories YOU don't like, We bet none so again we say.


Let's Talk said...

To xethos

That link you sent was for not

If you wish to bitch about us go start another blog.

HoboManda said...

I'm not bashing this at all - but regarding the location - when I told Binko that I wanted my boyfriend and mom (who were listed on my contract as my emergency contacts) he said he could not/would not disclose the location to them because he could not risk harming the integrity of the game. As I am not on it now, it does not really bother me, but if I WAS still on it, I know that it would bother my mom & boyfriend and also my co-workers.

That being said; I am pretty sure Amandarama's boyfriend, Bob, would want to know where she's at. I'm pretty sure other people might know where the location is. This is just my assumption though, I don't know for sure.