Monday, December 1, 2008

Things that make you go hmmmmmm

After exposing White_Liar as a self admitted pedophile, and helped get the BlogTv Broadcasting age back up to 16, and now that we have started monitoring our comments, we have been threatened by 4chan.

This is how it adds up.
White_Liar admitted himself, 13 year old girls get him excited, 4chan are pervs.
White_Liar is a good friend of Kara Hannah.
BlogTv wants 2 million dollars.
The age limit was dropped to 13.
4chan brings in hundreds of people/pervs = hits = google money.
moderation is down to nill.
We also understand that the 4chan people get paid for screen shots.

So lower the age of broadcasters, brings in the 4chan pervs and the mods are down to nothing, sounds like a win win situation for BlogTv and 4chan.

Let's Talk BlogTv has 2 haters White_Liar and Shawn1979r and they have only come around since WE, Let's Talk jumped on the bandwagon to get the age raised back up to 16 or higher. As if we cant see right through these guys.


Anonymous said...

I thought something was up with shawn a couple weeks ago he had a hot a chick on his show and he pretty much ignored her, probably cause she was to old for him but she was hot as hell.

Kris said...

We get paid for screen shots???
Were is my money, i want it now!!!!11

Anonymous said...

I love how you guys refuse to post my comments because they don't agree with what you're reporting.
Very interesting..