Tuesday, December 30, 2008

No White House
No Balls

If you haven't already heard, David Jon Sponheim was running for the American Presidency in the 2008 elections, and lost and cried. After the ever so investigative reporter, Independent Reporter did a little digging in to the donations David Jon was collecting from the BlogTv viewers and his background, education and so fourth
The Independent Reporter being an elected official himself knows a thing or two to about how to collect monies, when one is running for a public office and the reporting of these monies. As any good reporter does Independent Reporter asked questions and did interviews. When Independent Reporter recorded these interviews on his account David Jon filed a copyright infringement with BlogTv of the very revealing interview. David Jon maybe in for a very rude awakening because it is against the law, Federal law we believe to file a false copyright infringements. BlogTv TOS clearly states verbatim:

You also hereby grant each user of the Website or other viewer of your UGC a non-exclusive royalty-free right to access your UGC through the Website, and to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display and perform such UGC, all for non-commercial and personal use.

Kara Hannah's response to all this was, "It is my view that use or discussion of your political content will be protected by the Doctrine of "Fair Use."
Therefore, I shall consider this matter concluded and no further action necessary on my part." you can read more in the email below.
Really Kara, Fair use, interesting.

When you file a FALSE copyright complaint say with, YouTube for instance, you agree that if the claim is false, YouTube, United States and the victim can bring charges against you for committing a crime as well as fines and jail time and if you are dealing with a person from another country, International Laws apply also. So the Independent Reporter maybe looking at some cash-ola.

As of yet David Jon has not gone any further with this copyright claim. David Jon for 2012, If he has no balls with a copyright infringement, whats he gonna do if Russia attacks us... cry?

You can read the full story here on Independent Reporters Blog

CORRECTION by Independent Reporter
As we do with any mistakes we make. We would like to Thank Independent Reporter for bringing this to our attention.

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