Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just a note - For the Haters

Please keep in mind, Slander goes both ways people, both ways. So before you hate, get it straight.

We are not sorry at all for exposing the lack of moderation, the lack of professionalism, discrimination, out right lies or the so called "research" claimed by BlogTv before opening their site up to children to be abused.
Seems that you people are attacking the messenger and not the message.

For all the haters, how many of you contacted BlogTv with these issues, or do you not see, child abuse, copyright infringement and fraud in advertising an issue, that all happen to be violations of the United States Federal Laws.

For all the haters, That said we were lying about BlogTv paying broadcasters weeks before WhatTheBuck told the CNN and other news outlets, BlogTv pays him the most money out of all the LIVE blogging sites.

For you haters that attack us for reporting valid TOS violations of BlogTv and not bringing to the attention of BlogTv tells us alot about who YOU are.

Please when flagging our site make sure it is a valid reason as Blogger retrieves all Ip's that enter their site and to raise a false flag, is slander.

To all of our haters that come here many times, EVERYDAY trying to make "us" look bad for reporting Truth & Proof we at Let's Talk BlogTv wish you and your's
HAPPY HOLIDAY'S and a very HAPPY 2009!!!


Anonymous said...

it sounds to me like you are jealous.

steven said...

In your face BITCH BOYS

Good Job Lets Talk


Anonymous said...

lol now you guys are just looking retarded!

why do you respond to yourself?

Let's Talk said...

Hows that?

We are not blogtvdrama.com

Center For Lollatology said...

Your doing a great job. Keep it up and fuck the haters. Dont give them any mind.

Let's Talk said...

To Sticky:

It is just so funny to watch them spin in circles.

So from time to time we slap them with a bit of reality :P