Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Going on 2 hours

These two kids were going on two hours when we decided to post it. We think they were allowed to be on because the BlogTv was loaded with Ad Sharing YouTubers and we all know that the mod_Stooges must keep those rooms free of any spam and haters, or was it because there was just no mods on at all. Has anyone else noticed that the BlogTv no longer advertises 24/7 to keep you safer. Wonder why, cause it's the truth maybe?

FOOT NOTE: WhiteLiar no we did not sit in this room for almost 2 hours perving on them, we simply monitor the live now page, there will be no need for you to spam up to 75 comments asking if this is what we did. No matter how many times you post the question it will not get posted to the site, you have been banned.

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