Tuesday, December 9, 2008

GIRL this be some CrAzY stuff here

Hey girl whats up? Have I gots sumptin for ya'll. This guy DANCERAIDOATX now known as MUSICVIDEOTV is kinda creepy, when he first showed up over at the BlogTv he made all these "fan" stalker type videos for JordenAndrews, Binko and JohnHock. Not only did he make a video for the infamous JohnHock, he hosted John in his so called studio that was nothing but his dining room girl, and honey this man is 52 years old as he told us. Now child, if that ain't creepy enough, he is taking calls from his viewers and these calls are nothing but haters and people cussing him out calling him names that Satan himself would not say. Now child it's just crazy. Honeys listen to this, we were told that AT&T gots his information cause he be usein Ip-relay you know that service for the deafs and people who cant talk, anyways, they be usein the service for talkin dirty and makin prank calls. Girls this BlogTv has all kindsa scandalous people up in here.


Anonymous said...

this guy is fucking awesome

Rockland USA said...

This guy is a douche bag. He /b/egs for viewers to post on /b/ to get his viewers. I caught him showing nude stripper videos among other things. He is SO desperate to get viewers he will break every rule and law to do it. Nah, I'm not screen capping or reporting, people will ultimately see a 'broadcaster' to the way they truly are. I'm sure he's not a bad person, just stuffing too many envelopes or filling toner cartridges during the day I guess.

Jane1963a said...