Monday, December 1, 2008

Comment moderation

Well folks it has come to this. Ever since we played a big part in getting the BlogTv to up the age limit on the Broadcasters, only to protect the kids. We have been inundated with hate comments by really only two people, they would be, Shawn stop talking about the pedo problem 1979r and White 12 year old girls give me a boner liar. We are figuring that these two grown men are very upset that the age limit was brought back up and they have no one to harass any more. Really what else could it be.

Because we want to provide a pleasant place for our readers to come and enjoy our stories this will remain in effect only until the hammer falls, we promise that won't be long.

In other NEWS, We have been asked to take part in a national television show, that is about Internet predators, so for all you people that are in such a frazzle about who owns Let's Talk BlogTv, you will be able to see them on television soon. We will give you more details as they are available. Who knows we just might be visiting these haters and we WILL have a camera rolling.


Steven said...

Sad how when they dont get their way they get all pissy


Let's Talk pwned the pervs

Jane1963a said...

I bet I know who you are now :p