Tuesday, December 2, 2008

As the Dirt Flies

We have all came to know David Jon Sponheim as America's Third Party whom ran for president for the United States of America and lost. This is a revealing interview with BlogTv's, Independent Reporter and Connie Bauer. Connie says she is David Jon's sister, and boy, does she have the dirt. She says in this interview that, David Jon maybe suffering from delusional psychosis.

Ya know, it seems that when people get into the spotlight, family and friends want to also jump in, good or bad.


Purified Water said...

Very interesting.
Whatever...Ron Paul had my vote!

Anonymous said...

That video is an epic win !, i hope we will have more informations on this, like what will be her blogtv show name, and when, because i will totaly be there.

SCRIPTER555 said...


What a completely mean spirited piece of shit! Tell me man have you ever thought of joining fox news. This nasty piece of sudo journalism is up there with those no talent buggers on Red Eye. Not funny - just plain mean.
Tell me man what the hell happened in your life to make you such a little shyte! What do you do in your spare time - pull the wings off flies? To undermine a man by using members of his family is sadistic, immoral, and frankly lazy. If you have a problem with these two and their politics talk to him face to face! This isn’t high school for the love of god! So stop acting like a gossipy school girl, pull your head out of your ass and act like a man!
I do not share a lot of the political views of this party –what I do admire is the dedication these two people have a belief so strong that they are willing to sit there night after night taking abuse from people who have nothing better to do than to shit on someone’s dream. These two people are fighting for what they believe in – trying to make their country a better place- kinda sounds like your forefathers don’t you think? Fight against the odds no matter what-fight for freedom!
This was in terrible form – not good enough man. If you truly want to be a politician or journalist then you need to wake up. This brand of mean spirited political propaganda is on its’ way out with “evil doers” like Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, and Bush. Oh, and you can add Bill O’reilly Ann Coulter-and Sean Hannity to that list too! America has to hit back! Frankly they can take their “no spin zone” and shove it.
So please man rise above this and apologize to them if you haven’t already. Don’t follow in the same footsteps of these soulless people. Do the right thing and play fair! Remember you share the same country.


Anonymous said...

IR didn't "dig" this lady up lol...she came in his chat room. he was doing a live show and she asked to speak with him. well when she couldn't get the call to go through she gave him her phone number and asked him to call her. this was completely impromptu and unplanned. he takes live calls all the time on his show? what's the problem?

Anonymous said...

Althought it looks like a clever hoax at first (is Connie Bauer related to Jack Bauer???) , this has got my attention. Lets hope she really do a show (after all she looks hot) so we could learn a bit more about this story development.

Anonymous said...

she's a real person and she really is his sister. you can read the full story here.


Anonymous said...

I went to this guys room one night and asked if he knew about the story on him. He denied everything about it. People in his room were asking me for the link. I asked if I could post it in his room within secs he BANNED ME. So I went to his room again under a different acct. just to purposely post the link for people to read, and again I was banned. I even went as far as posting the link on his comments within secs. he seen it said he couldn't remove it so said he had to refresh and bang it was gone. After listening to him ramble on for a bit I found out this guy is LOONEY TUNES and people actually listen to his crap. I wouldn't have posted the link sooo bad but he pisssed me off for banning me for asking a simple question. I guess the truth hurts. You a complete moron can't wait for this connie person to do her shows