Friday, December 26, 2008

And here you have it

We finished and posted the last story and went back to the LIVE NOW page at the BlogTv and there ya go. What are these mods doings really. It's not their job that's for sure.Could it be that, now we have started an online journal to PROVE the lack of moderation and child abuse that was going on at BlogTv. They liked the money they were making off of it and now they need to make up those lost clicks. Is that why they allow these BlogTv TOS violations.


Anonymous said...

who are you trying to prove this to? if they see underage broadcasters they remove them?

so aren't you pretty much doing the work for blogtv?

I think they would actually appreciate the work you do, for free


Let's Talk said...

The main point that we see on this is.

BlogTv is ran like a school yard.

You have all these kids boadcasting, many being verbaly abused.

>>>>>> MEAN WHILE <<<<<<

You have mods in the paid broadcasters rooms making sure everything is ok.

You have mods closing down peoples shows cause their little "buddys" got butt hurt, then making kara hannah have to go re-open the account for what she says, was closed for unessary reasons.

If you "TRACK BACK" and read our stories you can see a porgresstion of these stories cause that is where BlogTv took it. They opened there site to 13 years, the pedos and 4 chann came in and abused these kids for HOURS ON END no mods to be had ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYHOW, ask around you can find people that flagged these shows for hours and NO MODS

BUT you go to Charles Trippys room theres a mod, whatthebuck theres another mod, lorax as we just posted a video of recently, theres a mod. We have seen some broadcasters simply ask for a mod and they show up like magic.

The mods need to do their job is the point we are making here. As well, BlogTv has lost alot of very fun and interesting people due to the politics that go on there.

Tabitha said...


Great comment let talk.

Notice the haters have nothing to say about his one.

Truth hurts I guess.