Sunday, December 14, 2008

24/7 BlogTv Moderation
to keep you SAFE

Or should they say, 23/7 for this crazy porn fest went on for over 45 minutes on this Sunday evening and made it to the #3 spot. We are not letting out the name of this broadcaster because at the time of this post, the account was still active. The show was flagged by many people. We will see how long this one will keep going. We imagine till they get their emails with the screen shots so they will have an account name to go ban. Do you remember the "mad masturbator" a couple weeks ago. his account is still open.
Shhhhh 24/7 mods to keep you safe.
Only because they say 24/7 moderation to keep you safer. we would understand 2, 3 or maybe 5 minutes of this. BUT 45 MINUTES.
Oh Wait a minute, WhatTheBuck was on, we bet all the mod_Stooges were probably busy handing out ops in his waiting rooms and kicking out the haters and stuff. Gotta take care of them paid BlogTv boadcasters.

These guys also recorded this on BlogTv servers and plays when you go to the room. Wonder how long this account is going to last? LOL

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Anonymous said...

not long apparently