Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This little light of mine

Straight from the horses ass mouth, the Binks has had a revelation. There is no real way of putting it in words so you will have to watch the video.

We do hope anyone suffering from mental illness seeks medical attention. There are many resources out there in your local city and on the internet, with google you can find just about anything and everything.


Steven said...


Let's Talk called it, on the nose

NOW WHAT, all you freak minions

Anonymous said...


Sarah said...

um... why do you just sit in his room when there is much more important and interesting things on blog?

Anonymous said...

Funny wheres all the minions telling lets talk how wrong they are.

Feeling like stupid fools are you?

Anonymous said...

to stupid sarah

um... they report on much more than binko or have you not yet learned to scroll and click?

Sarah said...

my name is sarah, not stupid sarah.
and i'd expect you to be on this site, quite rude just as the broadcasters.
1. binko has no way of defending himself so they including his 'minions' have just ignored it, which is the adult way of going about it.
2. binko is an amazing person if you look past a few minor things, and he has an amazing heart.

I have read the site, and if you look a lot is about Steven which I don't understand especially since 1/2 of it is videos which means someone feels the need to just sit in his room and watch for these things. You've caught all the bad things he's said what about the good?
And don't deny it, I know there is some because I watch his shows whenever I can tune in.
Please start reporting real gossip, this is just old boring news.
Get over it like real adults.

Anonymous said...

you know whats really funny

most of the comments defending binko are.

1. mostly numbered like this.

2. who numbers comments like this

3. jov and binko both do as i have seen

4. pathitic that binko defends himself as a third party

5. you people need to get over it

6. numbering comments like this all the time shows ADHD funny how MOST of the comments are all numbered there must be hella people whith ADHD out there defending binko

7. stupid sarah fuck off

Anonymous said...

wow this has been up for 1 day and no minions

since binko was banned from this site the last comment post makes me wonder was binko the only one defending himself?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they've given up

Lee said...

I can't wait till Binks sues DeeNbc. that's going to be so much drama!

Anonymous said...

i bet all the minions are feeling all about stupid right now