Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Night Prime Time on BlogTv

In Third Place for well over 1 hours is xxilovejonasxx 2 young females being hounded by pervs.

We just cannot say how much we love
the 24/7 moderation.UPDATE: This show ran for about 2 hours


Anonymous said...

Flushed you out

Before you fluched us out.

Just like Kara fell for caddy.

you people are fools. LOL

Wanda said...


Kyle said...

They didn't do anything wrong, they said they were 16. I don't see whats wrong. They never flashed. Although their chat will filled will pervertness the broadcasters were not doing anything wrong

Anonymous said...

needless to say, the broadcasters could block those perverts. I can't imagine a single site that can handle 200 shows. unless you have 200 people moderating..

Anonymous said...

Yahoo live stickam and many others have many more than 200 shows running at the same time. they do just fine.

Anonymous said...


I think that is their point

the text chat room is full of pervs

that blogtv claims to be monitored 24/7 to keep these kids safe but it goes on for hours

I never thought it to be true but i guess a ton of bricks need to fall on some people

Kyle said...

Yes the text chat is very bad when these young girls broadcast, but the girls can kick or even ban the perverts in the chat. However many do not know how or don't want to because they like having lots of viewers. On Thursday night the mods would assigned trusted ops who would take care of this problem, but that did not happen Friday night

Anonymous said...

Well maybe the kids do not know how to kick them

Let's Talk said...


If you don't like our posts dont come back.

very simple really