Monday, November 10, 2008


It seems that the people who run the BlogTv are more concerned about the all over look of the website then the matters that need to be tended to. The BlogTv is always "up-grading" the ADS, and the look of the site, but rarely is anything done to protect these kids that the BlogTv is so fond of to opening their doors to, only to generate more cash for the BlogTv. We have a suggestion, instead of paying programmers to design nifty web pages why not pay them to create code to alert your ever so busy mod_Stooges of pedos harassing underage kids. Maybe we just don't understand the priorities they hold over there in Israel, Cool looking web pages or protecting kids from pedos. Your guess is as good as ours.


Anonymous said...

What information do you have --- factual information --- that suggests that BlogTV is not serious about the issues with underage users? I have just viewed every article on this site, and throughout you are claiming that you are presenting “news” and not “gossip,” and that you are remaining unbiased. However, the tone of your writing about underage children being targeted by Pedo’s and perverts seems to be biased.

You have polls asking where Mod’s should be spending their time. However, you are not presenting any factual information such as: According to BlogTV what are a Mod’s responsibilities? How many Mod’s are working at any given time? I think by actually seeking out such information you would discover that the Mod’s have many bases to cover and a great deal of work to do every day. There is no way they are going to catch every thing --- when you want them to. Everyone bitches about how they Flagged a Mod and no Mod came for hours! However, have you noticed that they do resolve the issue when they can --- though it might not be in your perfect timing. How many users are on at one time --- and how many Children have become actual victims of Pedo’s since the age limit has been lowered? Show me number and factual information.

You are basically very one-sided in these responses. Also, it should be noted that you as a “news” outlet you have already taken a stance in protecting the rights of these children by adding the petition link to your website.

You need to choose a side…. news or gossip ---- or news and gossip. Cause you’ve shown very little factual information other than a few photos ---- but you have yet to inform me that the Mod’s are not their job ---- give me a job description, show me what they do and are suppose to do --- be a reporter and show me both sides.

Just a suggestion, not prompting a fight.

Let's Talk said...

To Anonymous:

We are guessing you can't read, but that's ok.

If a few photos are not proof of the mods not attending to these kids as we have flagged shows ourselves and no mods show up,

It looks as if BlogTv did NOT do their research as to how many mods they would need 24/7 for the many kids that now log on.

The mods as our site has shown spend more time closing accounts that need not to be closed and ignoring flagged shows where kids are being harassed by pedos.

As far as our reporting we report news and "gossip" whats the problem?

Any child that it talked to in a way that these pedos talk to these kids, ARE ALL VICTIMS or did you not read those stories?

Anonymous said...

I'm not resorting to calling you stupid or making fun of your writing. I will just take the high road here.

But you have apparently ignored what I was stating. Once again you have taken a stance without giving facts.

For example. Let's say that between 12 am and 12 pm only 1,000 people login to From the examples that you and have others have shown I can gestimate that perhaps there are 10 instances of what you are showing out of the 1,000 members online.

I'm just saying that are taking these things and making them look bigger than they are.

The Mod's could be handling situations with the other 990 people on at that time. So yes they are going to miss things, and in some instances they will not be able to address every issue.

However, Kara has already stated what you can do:

1 - Flag the show (Even if they don't come immediately they will be made known of the issue)

2 - Report the infractions to the Mod's:

3 - If possible include screencaps.

They can't just simply ban someone if they don't have the evidence to do. Instead of bitching about it start helping the cause.

Moving the age to 13 was a smart move for Blog. More members do mean more profits, which does mean that we will still have Blog in the future.

Compare this site to other cam sites. Compare it to Stickam. Go flag a room and see how quickly the Mod's come lol --- you will be waiting days in most cases.

I do understand your concerns, but honestly bitching about the underage people, doing your petition and the such is not going to change things. The age will remain 13 and stupid people will continue to harass underage people.

So isn't there something more that you can do than bitch about the Mod's and how shitty Kara is?

How about coming up with some other ideas?

Anonymous said...

You seem so caught up in the fact that Blogtv has lowered its age to 13 and how all of a sudden there are "pedophile's" harrassing the kids. Well considering that it is the internet and that the kids can just ignore them in the chat room. I mean just cause someone says show tits does not mean that person has to do it. The people who say that stuff can easily be kicked or banned and the host does not have to pay any attention to them. So for you to say that the kids are getting harassed and the mods do not do anything about it, well all i have to say is that it is the internet and it is really not that serious. No is a 13 yr old decides to show something on cam then yes by all means the mods should do something but, just cause someone types something in the room does not make it harassment since it can be easily ignored.

Steven said...

Wow look at all the little brown nosers

why should this site help with the problems over at blogtv and who ever these stupid people are tryng to defend blogtv are more stupid than kara hannah herself.

1. mods ignoring flags to listen to a grown man bitch is lame

2. i myself have reported infractions to the mods and nothing done even the pedobear accounts are still active.

3. to be a mod you have to be born into the blogtv family as many mods have made that clear

so maybe if these mods were not family and actually got in trouble for not doing the job and actually got in trouble for closing accounts for no reason
maybe things would get better at blogtv, as long as you have family running the show they aint shit thats gunna happen.

and i think this site has told you all, if you dont like it dont come back you people bitching at this site for the fuck ups they point out makes you look foolish and like flat out stupid fucks.

Anonymous said...

Actually Steven you are missing the point. I [the first anonymous in these comments] am a fan of this site. I really enjoy reading the articles and agree with many of the things said herein. I'm here because I want to be, and I am very aware that I can leave whenever I want.

However, because this is America I am free to my have my own opinion on the matter, and am free to point out things that I feel are mis-guided or incomplete. I have stated my opinion about all the underage bitching for the fact that article I am commenting on is very one side.

Like I said, I agree with some of the things said, but some of them are unfounded and have no backing --- it's just opinion.

Every one is rash to jump to conclusions about things at BlogTV without investigating.

As for this point --- not all the moderator's at BlogTV are "Family" and guess what? Some of the Mod's have been fired and replaced. I know this for a fact. So your statement is untrue.

Calling my a "brown noser" is very ridiculous. You're calling me a "brown noser" because I don't agree with your opinion. I don't kiss anyone's ass, especially a website like BlogTV's.

Here are your points that you made:

1. mods ignoring flags to listen to a grown man bitch is lame...

Once again produce proof. And by this I don't mean screencaps and your opinion. Do some research, talk to the Mod's at BlogTV or Kara-Hannah and ask her about this specific situation to find out the complete details. You may not be aware, but sometimes issues arise that the viewers are not aware of. You don't know what the Mod and this person were discussing in PM. It could have been more than what you were seeing.

Show me proof and facts, not your opinion in an article. [Yes I know you didn't write the article] But if Let'sTalkBlogTV is serious and does indeed document everything, then they need to have actual proof and not assumptions.

2. i myself have reported infractions to the mods and nothing done even the pedobear accounts are still active.

You realize that the word pedo is not as offensive in modern day society as say the word "nigger". A company can't disband someone's account just because you are not pleased with the word pedo in it. And like someone already stated --- a real pedo would not create a screename with the name pedo in it. The pedo names on Blog are made up of halfwits who know that by putting that word in their name they will get a rise out of people like you.

3. to be a mod you have to be born into the blogtv family as many mods have made that clear

And for that final statement of yours I actually asked the Mod's about this and was told that that is not the case --- I was also around when 2 Moderators were terminated so I know your facts to be untrue.

Investigate a little deeper ---- I have no problem switching the opinion to your opinion --- However, show me the facts --- without your opinion.


Steven said...

To the know it all.

google pedobear

you ass hat

and tell me pedophils dont name themselves pedo on the internet.

i am emailing lets talk and ask to have your comments removed cause youer flat out being a hatefull retard

Let's Talk said...

To the Anon: you said
They can't just simply ban someone if they don't have the evidence to do. Instead of bitching about it start helping the cause.

Our account was closed for no reason and reopened by Kara Hannah as she said it was "ridiculous". Another BlogTver had his account closed and again reopened by Kara Hannah with the statment, "This account should not have been closed, I will make sure it doesn't happen again."

Please get YOUR facts straight.

You are really making yourself look like a fool, if you don't read all the stories and making half witted comments, well that's on you.

just as your comment say's,
Like I said, I agree with some of the things said, but some of them are unfounded and have no backing --- it's just opinion.

Pedos DO call themselves PEDO online and that IS FACT not our opinion, google Pedobear and see yourself.

If you do not like our site and if you are here to just bash our site and stories your comments will be removed.

The Let's Talk Blog Team

Anonymous said...

lmfao! Are you serious? Threatening to remove my comments because they don't match up with your opinions. Didn't you call out some one else for doing this to you all?

With the situation you are speaking of Let'sTalk I agree that it was wrong that your account had been banned. But like Kara said it was stupid and there was nothing to point out that you had done anything wrong, so it was reopened.

The point is that the same can be said of those people with pedo name accounts. It would be stupid on Blogs part to delete them just because of the name unless they actually do something to warrant being banned.

Also, you keep missing the fact that I keep saying that I actually like this site, and I enjoy reading the articles on here.

But with any site you should welcome comments, suggestions, and even debates instead of threatening to remove peoples comments.

You are free to express your opinions just as I am. If you start to censor people then that would be the downfall of this site.

And as you claim to be a legit business you would realize that making such moves is not beneficial to a company.

And to Steven --- I am not being hateful is least bit. I'm just having an open discussion. I am not running around call people names like: ass hat or hateful retard. I'm just stating my opinion.

I'll leave the name calling to you :)

As far as googling Pedo Bear is concerned, it turned up humorous websites and comic strips along with some urban dictionary references.

If you have specific websites that show this please let me know, I would really like to see them.

So once again, I am not hating, I'm just debating. But feel free to ban me from commenting if you are against freedom of speech.

Let's Talk said...

Any more comments like the few posted by anonymous will BE REMOVED.

We are guessing once again you cant read its the first link on google