Saturday, November 29, 2008

A New Leaf?

This makes us feel warm and fuzzy, for the first time in two months.

This Saturday morning, one of our reporters logged onto the BlogTv, to a WONDERFUL SURPRISE it looks as if the BlogTv might be getting back to normal, with all the regulars and not so regulars doing their thing, MathewLush and Connor pimping out their cloths and jewelry, delgrizzpaw running South Park, 100percentodd with his wacky and outrageous comedy and pranks, the sexy Russian Polyakova_Maria with her pigtails and cleavage and feeling the sunshine with sunkissed, Good ol' BlogTV back to norm... We hope so.


Jane1963a said...

This is great!!Just what I want to see :) Seems we have some fun times a head of us again. :)

Let's Talk said...

yes White Liar we erase comments that is nothing new we do it every day.

You are brilliant don't you have any little kids to chase around you are an admitted pedo as seen in the video posted on youtube.

White Liar said...

all you are doing is alienating yourselves even more.... and digging your own grave. dont you have like 7 cats to spend your time on?

Let's Talk said...

Funny our hits are increasing everyday.

You may need a few cats soon there big guy.