Monday, November 17, 2008

New Kid On The Block

johnhock is a runway model from LA Califorina and the host of johnhock live. After getting banned from stickam for showing the peen he's bringing his talents over to the BlogTv. This guy has a very high energy show. Tonight he was taking calls from viewers and they were blowing up the phone line. When Zarlom phoned in, zarlom got told by johnhock that BlogTv was going to be over loaded with all the people he will bring in. It was great. He managed to pull in over 125 viewers at one point. Not bad for a guy that has only been on 4 days. The BlogTv will love that.If this guy plays his cards right he will be the next to join the cult of Blogtv Bitch Boys and from the looks of it he's singing the BlogTv song.


Anonymous said...

<3 -john hock

Anonymous said...

So do you plot on who you are going to attack next? It seems like John Hock is your next target for "BlogTV Bitch Boys".

Anonymous said...

John Hock is an incredibly idiotic "scene king" who literally doesn't know how to keep his pants on. His disgusting slutty antics aren't welcome on blogtv.

Why does this pompous douchebag bother? His only viewers are 12-14 year old teenie boppers. He talks in his show often about how "popular" he is & says he cohosts people to "give them exposure".


kristin said...

zarlom <3

Anonymous said...

Maybe you guys should read up on his history before you go praising him. With all the pedo worries on the website as of late, you should know that John Hock has been accused COUNTLESS times of being with underage females. One altercation even resulted in John crying, live on cam, for making the "mistake" he did.

If you think Binko is bad, just wait till this d-bag starts doing shows frequently. He's the worst thing to ever happen to blog.

If you even care to find out what this guy is about, check out and read the Hock posts. It's fucking repulsive.


Anonymous said...

/z/arlom FTW