Friday, November 28, 2008

Inside the HORROR

BlogTv has an automatic recording feature that we all know can get annoying. But not in this case, it proves our point. These tweens not 16 were on this evening at about dinner time. If you watch this video READ the chat room, and you will see WHY so many people are upset with the moderation over at BlogTv, the constant broken promises of 24/7 moderation. This show was on 45 minutes that we know of.

PS Shawn before you go ranting that we are posing this.. it is running off of BlogTv servers along with the embedding code THEY provided.


steven said...

and this is after they started advertising on thier site 24/7 to keep you safer.

my children will never be able to use the internet without me in the room.

Kyle said...

The moderation SUCKED tonight, its a shame. Mod_sharon was doing a very good job on Thursday night.