Saturday, November 8, 2008

Exclusive Interview LIVE with David John Sponhiem

An Exclusive Interview with America's Third Party David John Sponhiem on Election 2008. A man that wants to be Americas Leader answers a few questions for us, we would like to thank him and his viewers for their time.


Anonymous said...

ARe you serious? This guy had an emotional breakdown on air after the election and he thinks the results went very well for his group? HA! He bans anyone that disagrees with him, he is probably the most self-absorbed broadcaster on blogTV. He only makes $10,000 a year, has never worked a real job a day in his life other than advertising. He has no practical political experience and he raised a whooping $700 dollars?? This guy wouldn't qualify to be dog catcher. He needs to go back to community college and quit scamming the kids on blogTV. He pissed off most of his "adult" supporters, so now he's grooming the young boys and girls to be virtual DJS cheerleaders for 2012. JUST MY OPINION!! Gimme a break!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps angermanagement is the first step he should be taking... Gosh he had files all set to send for the FBI on election night of people who he felt was threatening him... How dramatic can one be?? Perhaps growing up, angermanagement and better ops management would be a good place for him to start, why run for President when you cannot manage your own blogtv site!

Very sad day if he should ever become elected! Oh and I do agree with the previous poster, dog catcher no, pooper picker upper, maybe!!

Have a nice day!