Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Comment from Kara Hannah

For those of you that don't click on all the comments to read them, we thought you might like this one. We are not sure if this is "the" Kara Hannah but if it is... Good gawd what is this woman thinking? If your mods only care about the "talented broadcasters to succeed" why in the name of Mary did you people drop your age limit to 13? How many talented 13 years olds are bringing traffic to the BlogTv? The most we ever seen was 50 or so viewers in the rooms of these kids and most were all perverts. When the shows are flagged NO MODS show up, But god forbid binko102 or jflick2020 even mention "mod" and like magic they appear, so please, we don't buy that crap "they are so busy," bullshit. When in fact your "mods" close accounts due to "ridiculous" reasons as you put it, we can only bet your "mods" are not all that busy with things they should be busy with. You have the nerve to beg for money from your customers that you already make you revenue from the ads on your website, to pay your employees. Did the heads at the BlogTv not think about what could happen by opening traffic to such young kids, did they not think this could cause problems with not only internet predators but the fact BlogTv is pretty much for mature audiences. Kara if this is really you, we have a question, "How would you feel to have your 13 year old kid in a BlogTv chat room with a pedophile asking them to, Show me your titties, show your penis, do you like penis, can i put my cock in your ass and knowing that the mods don't come when called? Do you even have kids Ms. Hannah?


bearsbullssox said...

can you be more fucking wrong... im 13 i have 159 subscibers on blogtv... i have had over 80 viewers maultiple times.... i have other 13 year old friened on blogtv that have gotten over 100 viewers... and they were not "all pervs".... so as u can see i am sucsessful on blogtv so stfu


Anonymous said...

Haha, this is great by Karah Hannah. All you whiners want something for free, but you're not willing to give up anything of your own for it.

She's basically telling you if you want more mods, why dont YOU pay for it. That's awesome.

And of course you immediately start whining and making excuses for why you wont do that..

Prolly a better idea from Kara Hannah might be VOLUNTEER mods from the community though. Plenty of people who are power hungry would love to do that. However I dont like the idea as the chance of getting some power hungry jerk in the position(s) is too great.

Anonymous said...

Also yeah, as was pointed out by the first comment, young kids often have the MOST busy rooms, many times I have seen them with 100-200 viewers! MANY times.

Of course, most of those viewers are usually a 4ch raid, so I'm not sure how much that helps Blogtv, however over all more young people and young viewers will only help blogtv. It's common sense that excluding less people will gain you more customers. Especially since the demographic for a cam site is so youth slanted. In the overall population people 13-16 might be like 5%, but on a site like blogtv they're probably more like 30%.

Also, the age at stickam and youtube is also 13. Blogtv is just following the industry standard, so I dont have that much of a problem with it.

Steven said...

Why would you want to pay them for their workers?

when you go to McDonalds and pay for your big mac, to you also pay all the wages of the people that it took to make your order?

blogtv already makes money off these fucking ads we have to watch and now cause they opened the site to kids and internet preditors and they want us to send them money to pay for their mistake. give me a fucking break.

Kara-Hannah said...

The question about the donation button was just that, a question. It was meant to open a dialogue and see what people thought. While you think it's outrageous, many people seem to think its a good idea. This does not mean we will ask for donations for a moderator, but it is interesting to see where everyone stands.

I do think there are many talented 13, 14 and 15 year olds and I think that the ones who are aware of the dangers of the internet are perfectly ok here. The others are being blocked and warned about these dangers.

As I have said before, we did research before opening the site up to the younger teens. We have seen the lack of attention paid to the matter on other websites and we felt that we could do a better job. We know the kids are already on the internet and we believe they are safer here than on sites that do not really care or watch. Since we obviously have busy moderators we are developing tools to separate the age groups and we will be putting more boundaries on the younger broadcaster's accounts. Until then, we have been able to catch and block many bad people who would have been allowed to be on other sites where there are not moderators carefully watching everything.

You can continue to berate the moderation staff, but you will never understand what a tough job it is. Since you have not had the experience of working as a blogTV moderator, I do not expect you to understand. I do hope that some people think about it logically and consider the pressure these mods are under and the amount of intense work they have to do to keep the scum off of this site.

As for children, I do not have any yet. I do have several younger siblings that I helped raised and I do understand the difficulties parents might see with us opening the site to young broadcasters. I would like to, yet again, ensure everyone that with the research we have done and the actions we are taking here, the kids are safer here than elsewhere.

The bottom line is that parents should be monitoring their children's computer use, and yet they are not. Therefore, the kids are on the internet whether we all like it or not. At least here we can watch what they are doing.

As for a volunteer moderating system....we thought about it in the past but unfortunately there have been too many incidences of mistrust and power tripping in the community and we do not believe that it would be a good idea. Also, we monitor our moderators constantly and have them work by certain rules which we could not do for a volunteer staff.

Additionally, I don't want members to come here to work...I want them to come here to enjoy themselves.

Anyhow, I am sure some people will see it my way and some people won't. That is entirely up to you guys.

- Kara