Sunday, November 16, 2008

Caddy Kara Hannah

Looks as if Kara Hannah's job is nothing more than reopening accounts that the mod_stooges close due to uppity brown nosing BlogTv Broadcasters. We all know that there is a huge problem with the pedos over at the BlogTv since they dropped the age requirements to 13, well Jane1963 left a comment on the BlogTv Broadcasters forums and from the caddy remarks from the community leader Kara Hannah, Kara acts more like a playground safety than a head of a blogging website.It is so funny how Kara responds with her "corporate blabber" then when told straight up like so many have she clams up and has no response, like with the "loving and caring mods." When in fact there are no mods working half the time.GIVE UM HELL JANE we know what they are doing is not moral and they have no means of doing nothing but filling their pockets with money at the expense of these poor innocent kids.


Eminem said...

You put them on BLAST on BlogTV

I love this site.

Kara-Hannah said...

lol I am sorry but you guys are so misinformed that I have nothing left to say.

Often times the posts on the forums are so horribly incorrect and misspelled that I simply cannot answer them any longer. I am tired of arguing with people who can't even write in their own language. I am tired of being called immature by people who cannot even handle the very simplest problems that life throws at them; people who are twice my age.

I am tired of arguing with rumors that get started because people like Jane and the independant_reporter write posts with their own assumptions as if it is true. Just because a person thinks something and writes it on the forum does not make it anywhere near true.

I can't argue with nonsense and I am not going to subject myself to trying to read lengthy posts with every other word misspelled, no punctuation and no point.

Maybe you think its harsh, but if any of you can appreciate the fact that I get bombarded with this stuff every day, you would understand. I have to hold back my true feelings on the site constantly. No one has even seen half of my true feelings, even when you say I have been "Catty."

And finally... how on earth are these kids supposed to be safe when the adults and people who are supposed to be role models act like children, have no respect for each other and think the world revolves around them?

Anyone want to tackle that honestly or will the answer just be another blast of excuses or a search for someone to blame for why it is this way.

So go ahead, say I am catty, think you are correct, but just know that this is what it looks like from the outside. This is what it looks like from a person who cares. It's all very frightening.

Kara-Hannah said...

I still think it is hilarious that any of you mention anything about money. We do not have any, we have never made choices based only on financial concerns. Everything is content first, finance after. Not that I really need to justify that. You guys will assume whatever you want anyway.

Anonymous said...

Kara you are a dip stick

get a real job

Anonymous said...

for nothing to say you go on with 2 posts. get a grip girly if you can't stand the get outta the kitchen.

since when is pedophiles attacking your customers a "simple problem"

you are one dumb bitch kara

and your CEO and managment do not talk with your programers lame excuse

i guess you people are not selling any oil so you have to prey upon little kids to fill your pockets.

Let's Talk said...

Well Kara like we have told everyone else that has a problem with our stories.

If you don't like what you read here, don't come back. That simple.

We are guessing you are still having trouble solving simple problems.

Let's Talk said...

What is interesting is that Kara Hannah always skirts the issue with our stories.(hence the misspellings, you think there might be a method to this maddness) maybe to show the immature attacks made by a BlogTv CEO and the child like ways of an "online community leader".

84 said...

Game Shows

16 (41%)


15 (38%)

Field Trip Shows

12 (30%)


22 (56%)


5 (12%)


kinda summs up how BULLSHIT this site is. I dont think you have more ammo then this 13 y/o issue.

Enjoy proving me right, also: your 12 readers.

84 has spoken.

fuckin' americans... sigh.

Anonymous said...

84 needs to learn the differance between votes and precents.

fucking kids get a life

Anonymous said...

Kara-Hannah said...
lol I am sorry but you guys are so misinformed that I have nothing left to say.


you go on with 2 posts
you are one stoopid bitch

Anonymous said...

Kara-Hannah, if you guys need more mods im Wide open lol i dont even want to get paid. I just like OPPING in Rooms right now. But a Mod! That would be great. Im on BlogTV ALOT. BTW Give Mod_Tina a Raise shes the best Mod Ever xD lol shes the only one that comes to Rooms in like 4 minutes when you flag a room xD. But yes Leave another comment if you need help with Mods. I will give you more info if you need it. Also i love your site kara but you do need to Higher the Broadcasting age to 16 if possible or the other option is to get more mods and ban more people from BlogTv (so many perverts). Nice Site

Thanks Kara.

Kara-Hannah said...

Actually I quite like your site and I think it's interesting and well kept up. Gossip is a popular part of the media and I only think it goes to speak highly of the site that you are all writing about it here.

I don't skirt any issues, in fact I was very straight forward about everything time and time again. The fact that people do not read or fully comprehend what I write is neither here nor there. The only other option is that you simply did not like the answers and were unwilling to accept them. As I said early, we cannot please everyone. However, we are doing everything in our power to ensure the safety of our broadcasters and I believe you would be hard pressed to find another site working at it as hard as we are. I think you guys are expecting perfection and it simply isn't possible online. At least not now...

My spelling comments are only a response to a pet peeve of mine since English is my second language and I have taken the time to learn how to write and speak as properly as I can. I know I make mistakes as well, but I do find it somewhat shocking that mother tongue English speakers make so many more than I do and it often makes if much harder for me to read emails, posts, etc... Obviously it is only something you should care about if you...well, care.

Yes, I typed two posts after saying I don't have anything to say because I still care. I have trouble arguing with you all when you have made up your minds that you know exactly what is going on, when in fact you really don't. I suppose I could ask you all to think about your own jobs. I do not know what you do but I am sure there is or has been a moment when you were arguing with a customer who was certain they were right although you knew better. You cannot tell a person they are wrong when they "know" they are right.

As for those of you who are calling me names, that only goes to show your own immaturity. I have been here for each and every person who has ever come to me on this site. I care about everyone, I love everyone and perhaps that makes me speak to you all in a more personal manner than some of you say is "professional." But this site was never meant to be a stiff place. The reason I am so hands on with everything is because this is supposed to be a great big family. I often feel like the mom around here and sometimes the mom needs to say when she is disappointed in the kids behavior, or when she cannot control every single member of the site 100% of the time. I don't expect you all to understand since you are not in my position, but give it a shot...

As for the post before mine about helping moderation, write to me at I cannot give you special powers but I can tell you ways that you can certainly be of help.

Anonymous said...

Kara Hannah says she is the blogtv "MOTHER"??? PFFT!! If she really had that nurturing personality, she would be the first one to try to get the age limit of blog tv raised up again.

She would be policing those rooms until they did something about it .. instead of deleting the post off the forums of people who really care... She actually deleted Jane1963's post, The Independent Reporters post and many other who were in support in what Jane1963 had to say.

Then she continues to say that the forums are a place for freedom of speech. That is why she allows what she does. She is such a Fucking Hypocrite!!

She allows racial remarks, (and makes them herself ), abuse towards other broadcasters, and spamming on HER forums. But when people such as Jane1963 and the Independent Reporter have something to say that SHE doesn't want to hear, she deletes it.

Kara Hannah does not handle her job professionally. She is the wrong person for the Community Director at Blogtv.

OH Kara.. maybe you should try to be a English teacher..............

Kara-Hannah said...

That's "AN" English teacher. You have to say AN before words that begin with vowels.

And once again, you're assumptions are incorrect. Try reading what I wrote on the forums.

Also, I would really love to know when I made a racist comment considering that racism is something that doesn't even register on my radar.


Anonymous said...

Yes, that is correct! Kara Hannah is a Racist!! I have read comments on her forums directly from her. Comments are made from Kara Hanna about white people, and Americans in a very racial manner. Hypocrite is so RIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Kara-Hannah said...

lol please point out where I have been a racist. Please.

Kara-Hannah said...

Also, "American" is not a race, its a nationality. I was not being racist towards white people in any way. I don't have a racist bone in my body.

However, I do feel like white people should probably just chill out when it comes to jokes about Caucasians since they really have not been through any difficulties regarding their race. Also, I happen to be white, Israeli and Jewish so I am pretty much allowed to say what I want about these groups, in a comedic manner. I am sure people of other races will agree that it is one thing when you make a joke about your own and it is another thing when you poke fun at someone else.

Anonymous said...

NO Kara "AN" is not correct,It's "an" you don't use caps in a middle of a sentence. You do get half credit for getting it half right.

Kara-Hannah said...

lol pardon me. I was capitalizing in order to make the point clear. You are correct, it should technically be lower case in that instance.

The point still stands.

Anonymous said...

"...they have no means of doing nothing but filling their pockets with money at the expense of these poor innocent kids."

Seems to me you have photos of naked children on here, and you also sell t-shirts on this site ... and the proceeds go towards, um ... suporting the website so you can ... PUBLISH MORE PHOTOS OF NAKED CHILDREN??

Anonymous said...

NO!! They are posting these photos, (covering the nudity part up) to show us proof that what they are finding over at is true. You DIP SHIT, put all of that negative energy you have toward this site into making a positive difference in this world. That is what Lets Talk Blog Tv is doing, this for. They are trying to help us put a stop to the nonsense over at Blogtv, that YOU seem to be in favor of !!

Anonymous said...

you think too small genius. i do make positive differences full time - i just dont cry about not being able to micromanage a company headquartered overseas. just because i operate a shitload differently than all of you or outwardly express my passion the way you all do, does not make me "a supporter of the blogtv nonsense." it is possible - quite possible to get shit done without waiting for the masses to catch up. i do plenty.