Sunday, November 23, 2008

A 4 hour Pedo fest on the BlogTv

We just wanted to say kudos on the 24/7 room moderating that is going on over at the BlogTv. Saturday afternoon was more like a version of Romper Room for pedophiles. We took hundreds of screen shots on this one, it is going to take days for us to edit all the photos we took, we have enough names to make our "Perves of the Week" stories for the next 5 years. It is astonishing how well these rooms are moderated, FOUR HOURS of this went on. AND yes these poor girls did finally give in to bra showing and kissing each other after being hounded by these "A-OK" patrons of the BlogTv.We can't help but wonder, Are the mods themselves pedos? and because pedos are not only male, is the community leader of the blogTv a pedo? or could it be that the owners of the BlogTv are on a hunt for 2 million dollars so they are more worried about the posting rules over at the BlogTv forums rather than slowing down the child abuse that is making them the cash-ola they are hunting for. Did we mention this show got up to over 200 viewers a few times.


Anonymous said...

Soooo Kara where is all this 24/7 mods at?

You sure had alot to say before but now nothing.

Put in your place bitch.

Thank you Let's Talk

Anonymous said...

i think she means they are "supposed" to be moderating 24/7 when in reality they are not! to me 24/7 means they should be in the shows AS MODS! Otherwise this crap will continue!!

Kara-Hannah said...

lol sweetie, no one of you can ever put me in my place. I'm not writing any longer because I have given all of the answers. If you are literate you will know where to find and read them.

Anonymous said...

this must be the kara and shawn tag team. shawn doesn't want the perv party busted up because blogTV put him on their kiss ass list. just like being a teacher's pet in school! that's okay you guys fiddle while, blogTV burns.

Jane1963a said...

She isn't writing any longer because she HAS been called out on the lies. She can't do anymore back paddling.