Sunday, October 5, 2008

YOUTUBERS invasion makes uncomfortable neighbors

Seems that the BlogTV community of show hosts are not all that inviting of the youtubers invading the BlogTV market. Many hosts have expressed their non-like for the youtube "stars" that are now on BlogTV trying to regain their former status of fame they managed to develop on other sites like youtube and stickam and so on,


Seems the past few months Money woes have been hitting ol' BlogTV. The community leader and sometimes show host herself, Kara Hannah has told people that host game shows and give away FREE BLOGTV SHWAG. "We are not able to send out as many things as we like due to finacial reasons." OUCH! This must be the reason for making deals with the youtubers to bring the many needed clicks to drive up the check from google ads.

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Anonymous said...

I HATE THE YOUTUBERS they suck ass they use all what ever it is they use and make my shows lag and stop and shit, their shows never lag and they never have to fucking F5