Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What Kind of Games are these 2 Playing

While we were surfing around trying to dig up some news on the BlogTv Game Show circuit we went into BlondieHarts room where her the The Warrior were recording a promo for their Car Give Away Show that’s tomorrow night and what WE saw was more than a "Game Show" promo as it took them a few tries to get it right the talk between them seemed a little more than friendly, With The Warrior so proudly wearing a studded dog collar that we have not seen him in before and BlondieHarts clown get up we are guessing that The Warrior might not be so gay after all as you can see for yourself in the video below.


Anonymous said...

kinky fuckers aint they

Anonymous said...

they be some freaks

xethos said...

You guys are so narcissistic...you said we like four times in this post, which only takes 10 seconds to read. I think you have a mental disorder o.O

Anonymous said...

Apparently Xethos knows nothing about tabloid

but what do you expect from one of binkos minions LMFAO minions that kills me