Sunday, October 12, 2008

Let's Talk is being Heard

We can tell, not only by our over flowing inbox but it also looks as if LET"S Talk is being read by more than just the viewers over at BlogTv, just 24 hours after we posted our story, "NO PEEN on BlogTv, Unless your Russian?!?" the account of proflie PEEN showing Aibek from Russia was closed by a mod_stooge.We are guessing that the mods over at BlogTv are using their work time to catch up on all the gossip over here at Let's Talk instead of wrangling the pedos that are bombarding the younger broadcasters, speaking of which, one of our reporters is working on a story that was so disgusting that they had to leave for the day due to the fact the story is so gut wrenchingly sad and disturbing they had to go home to their child that they were so lovingly missing and scared for.
STAY TUNED for this sad sad story.

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Anonymous said...

wow maybe there is some good to this site afterall