Monday, October 20, 2008

Interesting use of BlogTv

Gogo dancing JordanAndrews has taken a new avenue on BlogTv and it could be a profitable one. If you Click JordanAndrews you can watch him make you a bracelet. FANTASTIC we love it when people use their brains when burning up BlogTv bandwidth and for a gogo dancer he holds good conversation.

Mindless girls giggling
all afternoon, migraine headaches.

Forever again and again 24 marathon shows, 30 million more brain cells dead.

5 bucks for a hand made bracelet you watched being made, ~ ~ PRICELESS

You go, good luck & make that money!!!

UPDATE: This guy sold 9 bracelets tonight CHUU CHING

1 comment:

Jordan Andrews said...

Thanks darlings.

Love the post. :)

Keep up the great reporting on BlogTV.

xoxo -Jordan Andrews