Monday, October 13, 2008

Innocence Lost

As reporters we are not allowed to get emotionally involved about the stories we do but this one made me literally sick to my stomach so much so I had to leave work and go home for the day to be with my 11 year old daughter. Because this story is so disturbing I told the higher ups the only way I will do this story is if I can forward it to the FBI, Cyber Angels and to Lost and Exploited Children, and guess what, right after posting the emails were sent. If BlogTv won't do anything about these sick mother fuckers God dammit I will. Please forgive us for posting these horrible screen shots but WE NEED THESE FUCKERS LOCKED UP and or KILLED in my opinion. This is just a few of the over 200 screen shots we took. This child was on for over 3 hours broadcasting to these sick bastards, they should tracked down and made to cut off their own penis and eat them. Sorry folks I hate these pedophiles.

As we can see the BlogTv mod_Stooges are more worried about protecting sXe Phil from the haters in his waiting room and learning to cook with Lucy Whip rather than protecting these kids.


Anonymous said...

ya blogtv needs to do spmething thats just fucking sick

Suzanne said...

Have you signed the petition yet? or

Shawneyboy said...

I have signed that petition, and I think 13 is much to young.

Anonymous said...

I have emailed blogtv, taking into account that minors are being exposed to the inherent dangers while moderators are idle to address the situation.

If this continues, I will take action by speaking to my local legal representative.