Thursday, October 16, 2008

Heard through the Grape Vine

Apparently BlogTv has heard they have problem with their new "aged" viewers. With the user age just recently dropped to 13 years old there has been somewhat of an uproar over the kids getting to wild and the pedos that urge them on. Seems as the BlogTv people are going to try a "new" security measure. Get This. They plan on making it so no one over the age 18 can get into a minors room. This is laughable and rather lame if you ask us.
If you have done any Internet predator protection and security learning you would know that most pedophiles make accounts and profiles as underage persons. Maybe BlogTv has never heard of this. What are these people thinking or drinking?

1 comment:

xethos said...

They just need to raise the broadcasting age back to 16. It's easier to prove that someone is underage visually than proving someone made an account using a false birthday.