Friday, October 24, 2008

Dirty Minds Think Alike

Blondiehart introduced a new show to BlogTv called Dirty Minds and what a fun game it is. Giving what seems to be very dirty clues to every day words, she is doing very well for a new comer to the BlogTv. Blondiehart is a for sure Click for a fun evening.



Anonymous said...

Wow. Whoever writes this stuff is certainly hypocritical.

One post mentions a girl flaunting her assets and giving out sexual innuendos and that's a bad thing. Then we have a 41 yr. old female using the word "fuck" in her room and playing a game solely based on sexual innuendos. But THAT'S a good thing.

Click off the chicks that are showing cleavage but damn it, let's sit back and hear a 41 year old soccer mom give clues like, "You can put it in my hole only if it's wet." What a great form of entertainment and certainly good enough for 13 year olds to play!

If you are going to sit back and advocate decency on Blogtv how about giving an unbias opinion rather than picking and choosing what YOU think is okay and what is not.

As far as pointing the finger and targeting certain users on the site, I feel that it's inappropriate, disrespectful, and uncalled for. As far as trying to police a site that you have ZERO monetary interest in, leave that in charge of the ones that do. As far as protecting children, leave that up to their parents. If you have children, protect them and you have done your job. Trying to babysit underage children is like trying to win the war against global warming. You are wasting your breath, time, energy, and most importantly...credibility when you advocate a game show that reeks of sexual innuendos.

Your blog is nothing but a bunch of crap. And yes, I did read a majority of them and what a waste of time. I never get on this site and I see why...because of bias ignorance that is displayed. By the way, tell the 41 year old soccer mom that talking about one night stands in her room and saying the word fuck and spewing sexual innuendos left and right is probably not a good idea even if the age on Blogtv was raised to 16. Kids aren't stupid. Kids get on that site and watch that shit and know exactly what is being referenced.

Steven said...

i would think questions from a board game hardly compares to a strip tease.

this site has said they need to raise the age limit for reasons just like this anyone can broadcast pretty much anything and say anything if you have a problem with what people are showing talk to blogtv not these people

every show i have been in including a show by Kara Hannah i have seen or heard the word fuck whats new there. just another reason to raise the limit to 18 which is a huge lack on blogtvs part i think

jov you are a funny guy

Anonymous said...

this is an old game

binko102 did this in his show all the time like a couple months ago

get with it n00bz

Anonymous said...


Jessica said...

Oh gawd binko has done everything im sure

Alana said...

Binko did this game before but I bet if he did it recently you'd criticize him for it.

Anonymous said...

First and foremost, I am not a "Soccer Mom", in fact you dumb asses, I'm not a mom at all and to those of you refering to "Blinko", WTF! Get over it. I don't spend that much time on Blog Tv to even know who he is. Why don't you say this shit in my room instead of being the cowards that you are and posting it on this site. I am giving open invitation to anyone that has a problem with myself or my shows to come into my room and discuss it. I doubt I will see any of you there. Peace out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BLONDIEHART

Anonymous said...

No one said you were a "copycat". We said that the reporting said it was new and that that wasn't true.

RxWarrior said...

for anonymous (first comment) yr a fuckin hypocrite!"What a great form of entertainment and certainly good enough for 13 year olds to play!","As far as protecting children, leave that up to their parents." as far as being a 41 yr old "soccer mom" hahahahaha thats funny considering shes single and if you dont find the show entertaining then dont FUCKING go in the room! most of the shows on here the hosts cuss, this isnt fucking christian TV..Its a great show,entertaining as all hell and yr a fuckin douchebag!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Blondiehart, I don't think anyone had the intention of trying to bash you. People were just trying to say that if they reported about it when Binko did, it would've been something negative that the article was about.