Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Clearing the air

Apparently there are a few people from the BlogTv site that have looked at our site. Tonight jflick2020 was co-hosting RxWarrior and it looked is if it were an episode of court tv. Seems though, there is a question of who "Let's Talk Blogtv" is? and after watching these two almost rip each others hair out and accusing each other of knowing who "we" are, they both, like everyone else are still asking who are "we".
Let "us" relax your BlogTv brains. Let's Talk blogTv is branch of a much larger Internet tabloid blogging company, "we" are not any "butt hurt" ex friends, pissed off exBlogTv'ers, wanting to piss anyone off. If you notice out of all the other gossip sites our content is much larger and more broad we don't just talk about a few people we want to brown nose, if you don't like what we report, Don't come back. For those that enjoy our site we'll do our best to keep up what has already kept you coming back.

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Rx said...

Imitation is the highest form of flattery!!