Friday, October 24, 2008

BlogTv protecting a pedophile or an investment?

The Binks spent allot of time this early AM to not answer the question, are you a pedophile? As we have posted in our comments and Binks videos, Binko has been banned from our comment sections of our posts, binko with a gallant effort trying to expose Lets Talk as comment deleting crooks when in fact he was banned. When The Binks figured out he could not "escape" our numerous 2 questions which are. Post the link of the story that the binks claims we wrote about a BlogTv'er that was bipolar and to please open the restricted video that he said it's ok to sleep with a minor as long as you don't know the age. Instead of the Binks clicking his mouse a few times to clear the air he cried to the BlogTv mod_Stooges and they deactivated our BlogTv account for what reasons we don't know but we are sure he cannot produce the FACTS that clear him of his lies. We are very sure he will try and convince his viewers cause he had our account closed WE are the ones telling untruths. But that's ok, our BlogTv account was just a holder page to stop the weirdos from cloning us, did we broadcast, no, did we do friends, no, did we have any favorite shows, no. Hell it's not like we can't make thousands of accounts. What's 2 minutes big deal. So now the question is, Is BlogTv profiting off a pedophile? BlogTv from what we can see, lowered the age to 13 and not moderating the kids rooms unless they are being to kinky but allowing the sick perverted pedos to harass and talk sick shit to these kids. We just can't figure this one out, The Binks refuses to open that video to clear the air. One would think that The Binks spent so much time and videos to say we are telling false stories, what better proof than to show a video where he DID NOT say this. Boy that would REALLY make us look like fools. RIGHT!!! Instead he insists on calling us out for deleting comments, odd, isn't it? HEY BINKS we have an offer, Our reporter that saw and noted that story and you both take a lie detector test, Loser pays. DEAL? what do you have to lose, other than clearing your name? What do you say? how about it binks. This photo was taken in binks show with a not so 13 year old looking young kid, he also made a statement during this broadcast, "I don't see what the problem is with lowering the age to 13." And the binks wants 11 kids, maybe is a good thing that Florida State does not allow gay parents to adopt. but with his previous trips to the mental ward they probably won't allow it any where, Thank god.


Anonymous said...

Ill bet 500.00 he dont do it.

hell ill pay for the lie detector just to see the out come.

how about it binko

Steven said...

what a sick fuck i bet he owns a few of those pedobear names

Anonymous said...

wow, step into his show, he's just a nice guy, nothing pedophile about him. Get the facts straight guys.

xethos said...

Haha. Wow. You guys just don't know when to quit do you?

First off, if your account on BlogTv was deleted, than you must have violated the Terms and Conditions, just because you had 'no friends, no favs, etc' doesn't mean weren't harassing anyone.

Second, don't you remember this lovely little line 'Innocent till proven guilty'? You know, where Steve doesn't have to do shit, he doesn't need to defend himself.

So instead of just claiming he said the following;'he likes the younger men kids and is ok to have with sex with the kids as long as you don't know their age.' Why don't you as the accuser prove it? Oh. I know. Because I know for a fact he did not say this have no proof.

Binko's Bestest 'Minon'

Steven said...

here come the minions i cant believe your so far up his ass you would not question the fact he did say that i was there when he did thats why i dont care for the sick perv in fact i also emailed Lets Talk but i guess they were one step ahead of me


jov08 said...

Well as one of Binko's 'minions,' I feel the need to leave a comment here too.

Let's face it, obviously, something has happened in the past to make Let'sTalk bitter towards Binko. I firmly believe in forgiveness, and for this "gossip" forum to refuse to let things go, shows a major flaw in character.

Also, if you did not know this, a lie detector test will not help your case at all. Lie detector tests are not valid evidence in our law system, they are simply used for the investigator to acquire suspects to further search out for real evidence.

And you say he's hurting himself by not releasing the video, but in all reality, if he were to try to disprove you all, that just brings more attention to the "flaws" you falsely accuse him of.

So go ahead, call me a 'minion.' I don't mind it at all. I'd watch your back if I were you though.

With Love,
Binko's Underage 'Minion'

Let's Talk said...

And like we have said before.

If you don't like our content, don't come back. That easy.

xethos said...

And the same can be said for binko's show, if you don't like it...why follow his show religiously?

jov08 said...

Well, LetsTalk, people aren't coming back because of content, believe me there's none of that here. We're coming back to stop you from posting lies that can result in the ruining of a reputation. If I were you, I would chill out, because revenge is sweet.

With Love,
Binko's Underage 'Minion'

Let's Talk said...

xethos one reason your called dolts and minions.

We are not an I
We are an online blogging company

We are not an I thats sits in a bedroom with nothing to do all day.

We report what we see. We have a job to do unlike you and the other dolts and minions that sit at home all day waitng for binks.

Oh look lunch time. You can say that when you have a job.

again if you don't like what we post, don't come back

see you all in 60

xethos said...

Wow. Once again, way to make yourself look really dumb.

Well while you were sitting around, trying to figure out the easiest way to bring home any money, for only GOSSIP site. I was training as an active member of the United States Army.

But I don't have time to brag or anything, I'm off to a meeting for work. (Starbucks...a REAL job.)

Let's Talk said...

jov08 said...
Well, LetsTalk, people aren't coming back because of content, believe me there's none of that here. We're coming back to stop you from posting lies that can result in the ruining of a reputation.

#1 You had better prove we lie.
#2 Stop us how? Our readers see that your all a bunch of Dolts.

We are so scared, revenge?, Is that a threat? we think it is, either way it will be reported to the proper authorities and blogspot

Thanks for the traffic.

xethos said...

**an ONLINE gossip site.
My bad. Typo!

jov08 said...

I have four things to say LetsTalk.

1. Saying "revenge is sweet" is not a threat. I could easily just open a gossip site and post articles calling you a pedophile as well.

2. You've already proven that you can't ban people from commenting, you can only censor them.

3. The authorities won't waste their time trying to convict someone who has been nothing but polite, and states the universal truth that revenge is sweet.

4. I am very doubtful that you are a legitimate company that gets paid outside of ad clicks, considering multiple things. One being your bias, another your being unprofessional with this situation, and also your first-grade level English.

So, enjoy your life as a basement virgin.

With Love,
Binko's Underage 'Minion'

Let's Talk said...

xethos what about that REAL job meeting you have to go to...

You are just sitting here typing away.

If your going to tell tall tales you might want to think them out first, no wonder you Dolts are up binks ass none of you think at all.

xethos said...

Oh I'm sorry. I didn't know I need to inform you of the details of my life. This meeting to discuss new holiday beverages is actually at 5:15pm to 6:00pm.

Thanks for questioning my integrity!

jov08 said...

Hey LetsTalk!

Since you've been so kind to me, I'd like to invite you to my Blogtv room today.

I'll be opening up a show in ten minutes, and I'd love to have you there to have a great time and forget all this drama.

My link is

Feel free to drop by and talk about whatever.

Grunger said...

As one of binkos "minions" i feel that you are taking these things the wrong way...

get your fucking facts straight!!!!

As jov said, the reason people don't come here is because all you post is lies

I like how you are so biased on every single fucking thing...

and as jov said, not releasing information shows a major character flaw.

You all need a character check up...extremely...

and if you want to rant at me...

Peace, love, apathy,

Grunger "the youngest mini minion"

Anonymous said...

I've seen plenty of people that haven't been banned for violating the TOS. I've seen several that should have been banned, that were but were reinstated by blog because they were some Mod's favorites. I wouldn't put it past BlogTV to delete an account without the user violating TOS. Remember, BlogTV now makes a hell of a lot of money off the pedofiles. Why would they get rid of Blinko?