Sunday, October 26, 2008

BlogTv allowing child abuse?

Saturday night is always a cutting edge night to say the least. While our reporters were hard at work noting many LIVE Broadcasts over at the BlogTv we could not help but to notice something.

While The Binks was doing his one hour plus Infomercial for (more on that later) mod_Stooge mod_Tina showed up only to sit and listen to butt hurt Binks because our blog isn't "sucking up" to him cause we tell it the way it is. (more on that later) btw Binks, THANKS FOR THE SHOUT OUT!!!


Another one of our reporters was in NightWebshows200 a underage kids show with 50 plus viewers in the middle of the pacific time zone night and not only did our reporter flag the show as you see in the photos, another concerned viewer messaged us that flagged also, as you see in the other photo, so now two people have flagged a show of young kids being abused by child molesters and the mod_Stooges are doing what about this abuse that’s going on for over 30 minutes as we watched on.

All and all these mod_Stooges just sit and listen to a grown man that can't live up to what he says rather than stop child abuse on the BlogTv site. The mod_Stooges can do as they please but if there is apparent child abuse going on and are notified of this abuse and show absolutely no concern about this abuse, the problem is worse then we thought.

FOOT NOTE: We do censor the photos of the broadcasters that look underage the age of 18 in these matters, for we do not exploit children and our reporters names have been removed to keep their anonymity as per our policy and reporting guidelines.


Anonymous said...

Your idiots!!!!

Jessica said...


i think the pedos are more than idiots they be more like back woods family fucking crack heads.

Anonymous said...

Good Job you guys i do think the moderators favor people here i have noticed some people ask for a mod and they appear instantly like a genie

You guys waited for at least 5 minutes as I see and that’s 5 minutes to long for that type of behavior.


I must say I enjoy a site that talks about more than who’s hooking up with who and she said that about her and yada yada

Anonymous said...

how can blogtv not do any thing about this im calling chris hanson

Anonymous said...

thats pretty shitty of those moderators