Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Binks may have wrote a check his ass can't cash

Binko in hot water?!? Could be with all the threats and insults we have received from camp Binko and his minions accusing US of not having OUR facts straight. In a recent Vlog made by the Binkster just for Us, The binks states. in his best "believe me I'm a used car salesmen" voice, "I finally checked out the gossip forums for the first time in a long time and I was very flattered to see that once again all they could talk about was me."

Since our launch less than 20 days ago we have posted 111 reads (this being 112 and not to mention well above to what the other "gossip" sites have posted in their lifetime) and out of the 111 reads only 8 are exclusive stories about the Bink's. That's about .01% that we have posted in total. Out of the 111 reads, 49 are positive reads, 44 are not pertaining to these allegations IE: reports on blog, or polls and such, and a whooping 19 reads could be called negative IE; bashing a person. And we don't have our facts straight. Once we are complete with gathering our facts we will be sending them over to BlogTv's parent company Tapuz People LTD & founder and Vice President of The BlogTv Mr. Nir Ofir along with a copy of the BlogTv Terms of Service that reads in part: (b) is offensive to the online community, such as content that promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual; (d) is false, misleading, deceptive or misrepresenting, including impersonating as another person; inappropriate content including, without limitation, content that is defamatory, discriminatory; (f) is illegal in any other way, encourages or promotes conduct that would be considered a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or violate any local, state, federal, or international law, or is inappropriate in any other way.

The Binks says, "I love the fact your putting words into my mouth."
We say, "Open the video and prove our story incorrect. and ask, "why is this video in question restricted?"

The Binks Says, "To lets talk from me to you, do you think i really care?"
Of course you care, you made this video for us and talk about every story we have ever posted about you, just as we care for you Binks knowing you don't have medical insurance, we are just pointing out all the RED FLAGS of Narcissistic Personality Disorder in hope you go to a free clinic and get help and this video show's a few perfect examples that there might be a problem.
What we noticed:
They believe that they're superior to others:
I was very flattered to see that once again all they can talk about was me. less than 1% of our content is about him. we post a story about him and now his story overwhelms the site and it's all about him.

Behind this mask of ultra-confidence is a low self esteem, If this isn't the Binks being ultra-confident, we don't know what is.

To the legal team of The Bink's and minion's, Slander and defamation goes both ways; Keep in mind, saying our site is slanderous and malicious and all we do is bash people; To only cause people not to go to our site under false pretences is called disruption of internet traffic and is illegal, also complaints will be filed with blogspot for those all so brave people who use their account names when posting comments and harassing our readers. Don't worry about removing the comments we have screen shots. And now we are wondering when this video will be restricted.


Anonymous said...

Called out like a mutha fucka

but frankly why bother reporting on this guy hes an ass and a lier.

Anonymous said...

um... your preventing people from going to Steven's show by saying that it is bad. so why dont you both just stop talking about eachother?

and antoher thing.. how come letstalk blogtv doesnt like binko so much? what did he do to you.

WhoooHooo said...


take out the trash and burn it

Steven said...

to the tool that said
um... your preventing people from going to Steven's show by saying that it is bad.

binko said in the video he had 83 people before the show started and it was flattering.
looks like this site is bringing him people not losing them.

you minions are so fucking retarted for the FACT you dont have your FACTS straight. i dont recall ever reading anything here that said his show was bad other than maybe binko blowing up bombs in a public area. that is bad and also very stupid.

Steven Binko said...

Let me make this REALLY simple.

1. For all of you who are confused about this "Minions" reference, what Let's Talk BlogTv is referencing is the viewers I have WORKED TO ACCUMULATE... the 1,000 subscribers who DO find me interesting. The people whose opinions actually matter to me.

2. "out of the 111 reads only 8 are exclusive stories about the Bink's." This may be true, however, the number is greater when you weigh in the "tags" and "brief mentions" which (in my opinion) are not even pertinent to the story. Additionally, to the number of grammatical and spelling errors, you have managed to make a numerical error in trying to make a point. Though you say I am ".01%" of the "111" articles (when you say only 8 include me), that comes out to 7.20%... not including tags and references... but whose counting... you're probably counting "I"'s. More importantly, you mention me over, and over, and over while other broadcasters who have content to report on are left in the dust and others are forgotten... it's obvious where your focus is.

3. You say you are submitting the letter to the "Vice President of Blog" who you say is "Mr. Nir Ofir" when in fact, it's Nurit Gazit... I would know; Blog is a sponsor of The Escape and he is on my sponsorship agreement. (whose providing misleading facts now?)

4. You can throw around the terms and conditions, however no-where in my video have I provided false, misleading or hateful material in my video about your misleading, inaccurate blog. If you want to discuss this further on a legal issue as you seem to keep saying it is, have your attorney send me a U.S Certified Letter to my P.O. Box (the address is posted on my site) so I can pass that to my legal team.

5. The video was not for you "because I care" as you mentioned... don't be mislead. That video is for my VIEWERS who I care about... I like to make sure that the people who actually matter to me have a clear understanding of what's happening.

6. Though you are providing references to my "possible condition" of "narcissistic personality disorder", I would like to take this opportunity to present you with some "diagnoses" you might want to check out for yourselves as the style which you write fits very well into:
- Delirium
- Avoidant Personality Disorder
- Schizophrenia
- Depression (you seem a bit negative about life and the people you surround yourself with).
- Significant social impairment
- Autism

As you would say "we are just pointing out all the RED FLAGS of Narcissistic Personality Disorder in hope you go to a free clinic and get help and this video show's a few perfect examples that there might be a problem.", I take this opportunity to encourage you to seek help as well. I am just pointing out a few red flags for someone who is very mislead in believing they have their facts straight. Your obsession with trying to defend shit you say about me, writing about me, referencing me, bipolar articles about other broadcasters, etc. is all concerning.

7. For someone who doesn't like my content and counts over 800 "I"'s, you must sit in my room for quite a bit. Interesting. If I have a problem with someone, I ignore the situation to avoid unnecessary conflict or go to the source to approach the situation.

In closing...

To "anonymous"... do you think I care about your opinion? No. You are a little anonymous screen name on the internet with billions of other users. If you have something to say, step up and say it. Don't be a coward.

Anyways... all this been having said, I have more important issues to deal with: what am I eating tonight?


I guess all this in general could be summed up in one easy sentence:

"Get a life, you've been owned."

xethos said...


Steven Binko said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To steven Binko-


isn't that what this is all about?


seems you skirt around that issue very well.


looks like you cant


Steven said...

lol binko for a person that dont care you make videos AND write the longest comment in the history of commenting on blogs.

LOL looks like its butt hurt binko
to me

Anonymous said...

To anonymous, you missed practically the ENTIRE letter. lol

Anonymous said...

You know what I find misleading? When they make Binko to be a pedophile, use his McDonalds prank to make him seem crazy and try to make him look self-absorbed. I think Binko should take them up on this offer to take this on a legal level. All binko has said is he doesn't like them and doesn't feel they report accurately on him. This could get good!

Anonymous said...

Diz site seems desperate 4 viewers. Did anyone c when Lorax put a sign up dat says "Binko = Let's Talk BlogTV's meal ticket"? So true!

Let's Talk said...

1. Minions are your BFF's jov sylvia xeothes and the anons that comment not your viewers that make the bulk of your room only the Dolts that make themselves look like the Dolts they are.

2."tags" and "brief mentions" which (in my opinion) are not even pertinent to the story. - but you mention them anyways

3. That’s right Mr. Nir Ofir

4. Terms and conditions, the story leads with Camp binko and minions, again binko this story is not all about you dear.

5. If this video was not for us why were we mentioned and labeled To Lets Talk, as well as being referenced "this is for you Lets Talk just for you. and being sent to us by email.

6. My co-workers husband was in our office one day while your show was on, He a licensed clinical psychologist made the diagnoses not a tabloid journalist or a BlogTv Dolt.

7. It is our job we get paid to yes unfortunately have to sit and watch your stomach turning shows, but hey it’s a living.

Please point out a bipolar post that we posted you lie as well. And again WE are not a someone there are many on our staff not only reporters but ad execs. graphic designers and a human resources.

Dig your hole deeper and hey thanks for keeping our Google dollars rolling in.

who has been owned now over and over again?

Let's Talk said...

We are also assuming that you’re commenting here to raise the comments so you can and again talk about YOUR comments on YOUR posts because it’s all about YOU right.

Let's Talk said...

Hey Binks you seem so set to prove us wrong on everything we say.

Like that anon said.


Wow you think that would put this all to rest. But no much like the 911 investigation keep the investigation secret and read the book. Hey maybe you should work for Bush you seem to like McCain like jflick2020. Think about it you can get the much needed medical insurance everyone so needs today.

Let's Talk said...

Because Binko102 has been proved a liar for stating we made a bipolar story about another BlogTV Broadcaster and for the FACT he wont open the video in question to prove US wrong we are blocking him from making comments on our stories it is senseless to to go on with a liar and they are bound to say anything as they do not tell the truth.

Now binks when you tell this story be sure to be accurate we will be watching and taking notes.

Anonymous said...

Hey while your at it can you block the fucking minions they are a bigger problem than this idiot

Anonymous said...

Binko sucks balls.

jov08 said...


Nice job making an ass out of yourself LetsTalk.

Anonymous said...

LOL. You guys were pwned today.

Scott said...

Get a life you fucking losers behide a screen

Anonymous said...

see what i mean can you block the minions as well

Anonymous said...

You're just making it worse, making yourself look like arrogant assholes. How bout start reporting some real blog TV gossip. Look at blogtv drama, they might be able to help you out.

Steven said...

ya making it worse for binko the sick fucker

i hope they dont let this go and keep reporting about the pedo problem on blogtv

Let's Talk said...

To Anon:

Blogdrama is a joke not only do they do once in a while posts but they are also plagiarizing Let's Talk BlogTV for the fact they own the dot com and it is forwarded to a site not owned by Let's Talk LLC

But that is a differnt story and will be delt with.

Again, if you don't like our content, don't come back.

That Easy.

jov08 said...


I love how you basement virgins take this gossip site so seriously. BlogDrama does their site because they like to entertain viewers, not agitate them. Although, it is very entertaining to watch you make posts in between your masturbation time and doing chores for your mother.

With Love,
Binko's Underage 'Minion'

Anonymous said...

First of all most of your posts are about Binko, and they are negative post. So what if he talks about himself in his show, its his show. You really need to back off of Binko. You Obviously do not have a life, if you go around bashing people on BlogTv. GET A LIFE!!!!