Friday, October 17, 2008


As everyone knows we have been reporting allot on the young broadcasters over on BlogTv being hounded by pedophiles, A very disturbing and what could be a life shattering experience for some. After researching this problem we have discovered PedoBear. Pedobear has become a mascot for online pedophiles, specifically targeting innocent prepubescent girls but this does not stop them from going after boys either.After doing a people search for "pedo" over on the BlogTv site we found over 60 accounts with "pedo" as the first part of the name and most were pedobear in some form. Don't these one click online video broadcasting website do any research before opening the doors to child abuse?


Anonymous said...

A pedophile wont conduct himself in a public room. I also highly doubt they'd be so open about being one, to the point where they'd make a user name claiming to be such.
Let's get real, people..

Anonymous said...

its called google use it. its easy open your browser, type in the search bar "pedobear" and see what comes up.

get real stupid